My Dream is to Help You Step Into Yours


Twenty-two years ago I KNEW I was supposed to run my own company and help women all over the world RISE.

I just KNEW it.

But the power of my desire was so great it terrified me.

So, I’d start.

And then I’d stop.


A few years would go by.


I’d start again.

And then I’d stop.


A few years would go by.

And then the cycle would repeat.


Before I knew it, two decades had passed, and one day I woke up TERRIFIED that I would die with my unlived dream inside of me.

The time had come to ACT!

I know that many of you can relate. But maybe you’re a wee bit frightened too. Maybe you’re afraid it’s too late (It’s not. But it WILL be at some unknowable point.)

Maybe you’re afraid because you have no clue how to begin.

Maybe you’re afraid because you think you might fail.

But here’s the thing, love, not trying ENSURES your failure. We tell ourselves it doesn’t matter. That the kids, the memories, are all we need.

But some of you know differently. Some of you know that you’re living in denial.

It grieves me to no end to think of those of you who feel like I did and are denying yourself the JOY of your one true passion just because you don’t know how to get started.

Let’s make today the day we stop pretending that it doesn’t matter. Let’s make today the day we take the very first baby step toward living your dream now.

If you have always wanted to start a business or shift into your dream career, I can help show you the way.

Let’s begin with a little chat – a “discovery conversation” – where you get to talk about your dream and I get to give you some direction on how to begin.

There’s no charge for booking a Discovery Session. We’re just gonna explore your dream and see if it makes sense to continue together.

Here’s where you go to book your appointment: Discovery Appointment Calendar

I can’t wait to help you get going with your dream work.

Love, Jen

photo: flickr, halifaxlight

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It’s All Good. Truly.

Eli Christman, flickr

My youngest started high school today.

My center son turned 19 last week.

My eldest showed up for himself in a really big way this week.

I’m watching all of this unfold and I’m just in awe, really.

I’m not sure how any of this has happened.

My boys are such a gift.

I begin with my blessings and the first thing that comes to mind is that, because of the good fortune of the geographical location of my birth, my children have opportunities that are denied to other women’s equally deserved children.

Truly, my boys have never missed supper a day of their lives. And, unless something really extraordinary happens and they really screw things up, that endless supper thing is a lifetime gift.

In other words, they have had the good fortune of education, and as they finish school and go to work, they will be able to put their own supper on the table.

Supper on the table is such a gift.

Because supper is taken care of, and because education is taken care of, and because a warm place to sleep is taken care of, I get to focus on other things.

Like my craft.

I get to write for Beautiful You. I get to listen to Beautiful You. We get to create our lives together.

My craft is such a gift.

And, as I grow in my craft, I’m reminded to stay humble about where any of this vision and grace comes from anyway.

Because of that endless supper thing, and that education thing, and that craft thing, and — by the way, that 25 years of uninterrupted sobriety, thing — I get to grow along spiritual lines.

In other words, I can spend time and energy thinking deeply about what it even means to have a spiritual condition.

My faith is such a gift.

It’s all a gift.

It’s truly all a complete gift.

But we forget that sometimes.

That’s okay.

We can be here to remind each other.

Today it’s my time to remind you.

Tomorrow I might need the same back from Beautiful You.


Blessed Be.

Love, Jennifer


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Photo: Eli Christman, flickr

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A Word about Longing

For as long as I can remember, something way more powerful than I am has been calling me to do something, BE something.

The trouble has always been with that damn word, “something.”

The trouble has always been around the idea of CLARITY.

I think I have brought a whole lot – maybe all – of this trouble on myself because I didn’t understand the nature of how spiritual things work.

I was looking for the endgame, but what I needed was a PROCESS.

You see, my dearest, if you too LONG LONG LONG for something more or “other,” if you really believe that this disharmony – this deep deep PAIN from NOT KNOWING will be solved by knowing – then you too are on the wrong path.

Because it won’t.

It won’t because the knowing cannot be static. It shifts. It feels elusive because, it is.

Clarity can only be lived one beautiful day at a time.

Clarity, my love, is a PROCESS.

That means you are going to have to acquaint yourself with deep deep trust and faith.

More soon.

Love, Jen


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I Knew You’d Know

Z ~ photography

I sat here trying to think of a way to describe what summer time is really like when you’re working two jobs and have two kids that need to go back and forth to camps, activities, and work all day.

But, I knew you’d know.

Then I wanted to tell you about that argument I had with someone.  Anyway, I tried to find the words to explain it all fairly.

But, I knew you’d know.

I’ve been trying to clean up my food this summer, and I was searching for a way to share with you how difficult it is to find constancy with that.

But, I knew you’d know.

My center son goes back to college in less than two weeks, and this is probably the last summer he will spend at home. I have such mixed feelings about the whole thing. Pride at who he is becoming. Sadness at what I am losing. I tried and tried to find the words that struck just the right balance between that pride and sadness.

But, I knew you’d know.

My youngest starts high school in a few weeks. As far as parenting goes, I can see the light from the empty nest just ahead. Again, I’m so proud of my boy and I feel so guilty for wishing it would hurry up and get here cause at the same time, I’m celebrating every little thing I can.

I tried and tried to find the words to accurately describe this paradox.

But, I knew you’d know.

I tried to tell you about my worries. About the others I care for who can’t find their way to sobriety. About the sadness I feel at the sadness of those I love.

I searched and searched for words to portray what I feel without making you lose faith or confidence in me. Anyway, I tried and tried to find the words that struck just the right balance.

Finally, I just gave up.

Because I knew you’d know.

And I knew that you would be here anyway.

I feel so proud to be the trusted servant leader of this beautiful online community. I don’t know how it has happened, but we have blossomed into a small but powerful global tribe of women supporting each other through the transitions of middle adulthood.

I tried to find more exquisite words to demonstrate just how much you mean to me.

But, I knew you’d know.


Love, Jen

photo: Z ~ photography, flickr

P.S. Would love it if you decided to join our community. Just let me know how to reach you below.

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