The Mystery Behind the Mastery

John Dalkin, flickr

Some years ago I was in England to complete the final project for my Masters Degree. My topic was “The Pilgrimage as a Sacred Tool for Contemporary Women” and, as part of that research, I was in a small van making my way for an insider’s tour of Stonehenge.

The journey droned on and on when suddenly we rounded a hill and my soul sat bolt upright and this thought roared in my head, “Mother, I’m home.”

I looked out the window and saw that we had arrived.

Later, on the Spring Equinox, I circled the stones playing Bach Sonatas and Amazing Grace for my daughter, Grace, who died too soon 23 years ago.

I share this with you because, as I get older, I long to get closer and closer to my Truest Self.

And I’m guessing you do, too.

I also need to come clean (to myself) about some things. I’m meant to be more of a spiritual leader than I’ve claimed so far.

I’ve worked very hard to master traditional pathways to success. I’ve got killer sales and marketing skills. I’m a master at naming stuff. I can write like a mofo and I’m even better on the stage.

I know how to be first in everyone’s class.

But that stuff, by itself, just doesn’t interest me anymore.

I’m meant to do more. I’m meant to play a bigger game than I have.

And I believe that the thing that is keeping me holding myself back is that I’m not claiming how incredibly woo that I am.

First of all, I’ve recently learned that I’m an empath. I’ve known for years that I’m highly intuitive, but it’s more than that. I can actually feel other people’s feelings in my body. I can walk into a room and know who is in the most pain. I can tell which of the smiling people is really suffering.

Because I’m highly intuitive, I can help you “see things” that lurk below the surface, keeping you stuck, even when you long to move on.

And I want to do more of that.

So, here at Life After Tampons, we’re going to be talking more and more about the “Mystery Behind the Mastery.”

In light of all this, I’m announcing a new coaching program to reflect what so many of you truly want – Clarity with a Purpose: The Mystery Behind the Mastery.

Here are the things we’re going to discover:

Step 1: Acceptance: Does “just fine, thank you” no longer work?

Step 2: Courage: to Let Go of the So So.

Step 3: Curiosity: to Discover Your Soul’s True Craft

Step 4: Envision: to shape what that looks like

Step 5: Strategy: to map how to get there

Step 6: Play: to implement and test and refine.

This is an 8-week journey. We get in. We do our work. We get OUT and we go back to living – but on a higher plane.

Basically, we are transformed.

Then, we work from that level for a while and something nudges us onward. Something tells us to go deeper. So, if you like, you come back and we repeat.

We go back in. We do our work. We get OUT and go back to living – but on a higher plane.

What would it be worth to you to live a richer, fuller life? Would it be worth a conversation? I certainly hope so, cause, geez, how much ordinary can you take?

So, if it’s worth at least a conversation, set up a time for us to connect. I want to hear more about your beautiful life and explore what it would take to put some gorgeousness back into life – even the ho hum parts.

Here’s where you grab a spot on my calendar: Get Started Now!

I look forward to connecting.

Love, Jen

photo: John Dalkin, flickr


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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know


flickr, dvs

They say there are three phases of denial:

First, you don’t know. But you don’t know you don’t know so there is nothing you can do to change your situation. And it’s kind of blissful – ignorance, and all that.

The second phase of denial is when you know you don’t know. This phase is pretty uncomfortable because you can see that something in your life needs to change, but you don’t know how to approach it.

In the third phase of denial you know you know. And, once you know you know, you can never not know you don’t know again.

You know?

Love, Jen

photo: flickr, dvs


P.S. Change doesn’t have to be confusing. Sign up here and get our free challenge, UNSTUCK.

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9 Ways to Find Your Life’s Purpose

Rose Davies


My clients are women over 40 who have given the first two or three decades of their adult lives to making everyone else’s dreams come true. And now, for the first time in a very long time, they have the time, money, and energy to invest in themselves.

Except they don’t know how they want to show up in the world.

They are Difference Makers in search of a purpose.

If this sounds like Beautiful You, the following actions will help you clarify your purpose:

  1. Create Space: You’re gonna need to open up your world a bit so that your new life has a place to germinate. This means you start by stopping. As new “opportunities” for your time, money, and effort arise, say “no” to everything that doesn’t light you up.


  1. Blame it On Me: Now, Step 1 can be a little tricky because you might get some pushback from others, so here’s a good way to explain why you are taking on less: Simply say, “I’m working with a new coach right now and she has asked me to take a 90-day moratorium on ‘yes’.”


  1. Experiment Often: Order something different when you go out for supper. Try tea instead of coffee – or the other way around. Get some exercise, take a class, rearrange the living room furniture, get a new hairstyle.


  1. Speaking of Hair: When was the last time you invested in a new look? Hair. Makeup. Clothing. Shoes. Accessories. You won’t believe how much creativity flows into your life when you clean out the old, threadbare junk from your closet. Try a new look. Then try something else. (I’m currently in my “layered yogini” phase.)


  1. Give Up Giving Up: For just a little while, stop trying to improve yourself. Let. Yourself. Just. Be. What I’m talking about here are the “shoulds” – I “should” lose weight, I “should” go visit so and so, I “should” help out at the church supper.


  1. Consider Hiring a Coach: Sorry if this sounds self-serving, but you really do go a lot farther a lot faster if you have a guide on your side. Actually, I’m not sorry. The truth is that if you’ve lost your way, you probably need support and strategies for getting clear again. And, exactly what is the dollar value of your happiness, anyway?


  1. Insist on Happiness: Every day. Smile more. Refuse to engage with negative people.


  1. Stop Asking “Why?”: You don’t need to know why you do or don’t do this or that thing. You simply need to behave differently. Asking “why” is really just an attempt to go back in life to where you “dropped the stitch on happiness” and reverse-engineer your mistakes. In other words, “why” is generally a focus on the past but the key to happiness today is to focus on TODAY’S right actions.


  1. Notice What You Notice: Keep a journal. Make sure you have a stillness or meditation practice. Do what you need to do to live in your actual body as opposed to your beautiful head.

You don’t have to settle any more – not unless you want to.

Love, Jen

P.S. I LOVE to strategize with women about their Life’s Purpose. If you’d like to spend 30 minutes or so together to have a Soulful Conversation with Beautiful Me, grab your appointment here.

It’s Free. Cause You’re Priceless.

photo: flickr, Rose Davies

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Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes: Alcoholism and Recovery

Me, young, with treats


So, tomorrow I celebrate 26 years of continuous sobriety.

It wasn’t my favorite year to be an alcoholic. But a commitment is a commitment and I have learned that you can feel one way and act in another.

That wasn’t always true for me. I thought that if you thought something, it must be true.

I thought that if you felt something, it must be true. And, while it is true that you FEEL one way or another, it may NOT BE TRUE that your feelings are facts.

I’ve learned it doesn’t really matter, either. If you want to move forward in life, then you must be willing to let go of today, and yesterday, and even what you think tomorrow “should” be like.

In other words, how you feel is kinda sorta completely beside the point when you are making changes in life.

It’s how you ACT that counts.

So, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, there’s no time like today to try something different.

Love, Jen

photo: Artem-Popov, flickr

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