That Damn Leaf

Don O'Brien

I’d tell you that I’m turning over a new leaf, but it’s the same damned leaf I’ve been turning and turning for years now.

Every morning I turn it over.
And every day, usually by about 10AM, the breeze of refusal blows it right back to the other side.

Sometimes, things just refuse to change. And this is okay, except when you really can’t stand the thing that won’t budge.

I’m in that situation, and I KNOW that the first and only thing to do is acceptance. But I don’t wanna.

I want things to be different.
That’s what I really want.

Now, I don’t mean to be mysterious about this whole “thing,” but sometimes it’s better for all parties involved if I just keep some details to myself.

Besides you can get the point without having all the points pointing you to where I’m going.

I know you’re intuitive enough to handle that.

Plus, I’m guessing that more than a few of you are in situations that also refuse to budge.

So, it’s the morning again. I turned the leaf over, and for now, it’s still on the “right side,” but it’s not 10AM yet.

And soon enough, I’ll forget to remember not to forget to remember that I really want that leaf to stay right where it is.

And so enters POWERLESSNESS.

Yep, that’s what this is all about.

By myself, I am nothing. I am literally NO THING.

Leaf turning, as it turns out, is all about Grace. And so this morning, I ask for the Grace to take care of myself. And remember not to forget to remember what that care is supposed to look like.

If you are frustrated, if you keep getting stuck getting stuck over this or that thing, I feel for you, love. In general, I’m pretty good at helping you move off of that dime and turn that leaf over and keep it there.

(Insert two or three more tacky metaphors. Cause tacky metaphors will do when logic won’t.)

Anyway, that there is my Monday musing for today.

And I’m keeping a watch on that leaf.

So far, so good.

Love, Jen

photo: flickr, Don O’Brien

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Guess What, Buttercups?

Mathew Murdoch

So, the other day, I let you know that our book hit a dead-end at the publishing house that had approached me. Here’s that post.

And, guess what, buttercup? It turns out that one of my readers works at a different one and we are back on the “possibility scale” again.  Thank you, by the way, Dearest Keri!!!!!!!

That’s great! That’s fine. I’m going to give them what they want.

But then it occurred to me that maybe this book shouldn’t go the “traditional route.” Because, in my mind, even though I’m writing it, this book is yours, too.

After all, I’m writing it for Beautiful You.

That means we could publish it ourselves. I don’t know how much that would cost. I’ll have to find out. But we would “crowd source” it ourselves. Imagine how fun it would be to print it up and then I could hop in the car with the kids and hand-deliver them to Beautiful You!!!!

We’d come and visit you all over the country. And Mr. Delicious could fly in every so often, too. And we’d hang out and sip tea and have book readings.

Anyway, just a thought. If you like the idea, hit the Facebook share button as your way of voting. And send your ideas to me –

Love, Jen

photo, flickr, Mathew Murdoch

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Shit’s Gotta Change

Kate Ter Haar

Hey, Beautiful You.

Let’s get really really real for just a sec.
Time is no longer working FOR us.

So, there’s this reality that’s fast approaching. If you’re wearing blinders about that prepare for a big splash of sunshine, cause, love, it’s time to rip those suckers off.

Cause time, my love, is RUNNING OUT!


And with that time goes your Big Dream, the one you’re pretending you can start working toward tomorrow.

Well —

Maybe Yes.
Maybe No.

It’s “YES” if you don’t get sick, or get in a car accident, or don’t fall asleep for another decade or two.

It’s “NO” if any of those things (or dozens of other unexpected shits) happens to Beautiful You.

I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer here.
But Shit’s Gotta Change.

And kinda sorta, TODAY.

As it turns out, I’m really really gifted at helping women clarify their Big Dreams and then get out there and get that shit DONE.

So, here’s what I suggest – why not grab some time with me? We can canoodle on your Big Dream and get you moving in the right direction. Then, if you wanna, we can continue the work and you can be part of my coaching studio.

No ulterior motive here. I’m being as transparent as possible.
Cause if you want your Big Dream then you are automatically part of mine.

Cause, love, what I want more than anything else is to be the Difference Maker to the Difference Makers.

If that’s beautiful you, grab your time here.

It’s Free.
Because You’re Priceless.

Love, Jen

P.S. I look forward to meeting you, love. You and me, together, jamming, making it REAL this time. Let’s get started today. (Link to Love and Hope and Time with Jen)

photo: flickr, Kate Ter Haar

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Unf_ck Yourself

Sarah Buckley

So, it’s a little like this: You’re going about your life, basically doing all the right things.

Um, for DECADES.

And then one day, the kids leave, or you meet with your retirement planner (you do have one of those right?), or your one true OTHER leaves, or someone you love gets sick and all of a sudden, or maybe it’s gradual, kinda sorta – WHATEVER.

But you WAKE THE HELL up and you wonder, who the f_ck AM I and what the HELL happened to my LIFE?

And, along with that question comes this heart pounding, breath-stealing feeling that you cannot wait one more minute to FIND OUT!

So you start researching – looking for how other women your age solve this problem. But then you’re confronted by a dilemma – there’s not much out there.

Except it is HERE, my love. You’ve been reading the solution for years here at Life After Tampons. But maybe you haven’t thought about how it applies to Beautiful You. Or, maybe you’re just ready to AMP up your game.

Either way, I can help – and I wanna.

I’ve opened up five slots on my calendar for Beautiful You’s. And, if you think you’re ready to get up and get going, I suggest we schedule a Jam Sesh.

Go HERE and grab a spot on my calendar and we’ll chat. Yes, the chat is FREE. Yes, I do offer coaching and “that’s what this is about.”

But, what the f_ck? You gonna let another five years go by before you address any of these fears and worries and dreams that are S-T-U-C-K in the longing of your beautiful beating heart?

No trickery here. Don’t be so damn suspicious. Just grab your slot and we’ll chat.

Love, Jen

P.S. Can’t find the time you need? email me —

photo: flickr, Sarah Buckley

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