I Got Me an $1100 God!

This is a true story.  It is about trust . . . and god. 


(Wait.  Don’t touch that dial.  If that word is as off-putting to you as it once was to me, substitute another (like, “magic” or “miracle” or “horse poo but what the heck”).  Just trust me and read to the end.  I promise I’ll make it okay.


So, as I was saying, this is a TRUE story about trust, and miraculous horse poo.


Fifteen years ago, I was just a few weeks short of delivering my second son.   I desperately wanted to stay home with my new baby and his older brother.


But there was problem.




We were short $1100 each month, and it didn’t seem possible that we could make ends meet unless I went back to work.  (Truly.  We were at the point where I was cancelling the newspaper subscription to save $15/month.)


Friends counseled me to keep the faith, which, if you knew me you would know was REALLY funny.  Because in order to “keep” faith you have to have had it in the first place.


But, I was willing to suspend all cynicism and soldier on.


The baby was born.  And three days later, we were at the lawyer’s office to close on refinancing the house.  That saved us $400/month.

When we got home from the refinance, there was a message for my then-husband (could someone please “comment” below with a better term for that?), asking him (my, “then-husband”) to interview for a new position.   Three weeks later, he (my “then-husband”) landed that job, which added $700/month to our family income.


So, let’s do the math.

We needed $1100/month so I could stay home with the babies.  At the time, that was an additional 25% of our total income.  In less than one month, we got $400 and then, $700.  EXACTLY.  Hmmmm.


MAN!  I got me an $1100 God!!!!


I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit that my first thought, was “Damn.  I shoulda asked for more!”


After that?  Wonderment.


In the intervening years, my god got a raise.  I have had an $11,000 god and then a $17,000 god and, most recently, a $6000 god.  My higher power has helped in a million other ways, but money is the place where I trust god the LEAST, so, for me, those are the biggest miracles.


One of the characteristics that many people from alcoholic families develop is a lack of trust.  We have an overabundance of self-reliance.  We force things.  We control things.  We are non-believers.  Our childhood beliefs didn’t really get us anywhere, so we stopped believing.


But, if you want prosperity and abundance in your life, whether you’ve been gifted with an alcoholic family or not, one thing that will get you closer to said abundance, is a willingness to see the miracles that are already in play in your life. 


You’ve got to CHOOSE to believe.


Here’s how:

If you can, abandon your skepticism and cynicism.  Look for hope.  Look for joy.  See examples of abundance and richness wherever you go.


Now, I know that there is pain out there.  I KNOW that many, many people – Americans – are jobless, and worried and oh, so very, very tired.


But, unless you’re a rape victim jailed in Afghanistan for not marrying your attacker, you have not ONE DAMN THING TO BITCH about!  NOT ONE!

As an American woman I am so richly blessed.  There are so many opportunities available to me, not because I deserve them, but because I was lucky enough to be born in THIS GREAT COUNTRY.


I’m choosing to look for miracles because, compared to most of the women who have EVER LIVED ON THIS PLANET, I am,  and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, most richly blessed.  Even when I was abandoned, or even when I was singing Amazing Grace at my daughter’s funeral, I was STILL more blessed than most.


Today, I lovingly suggest that you keep an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.  Choose to be myopic and see the world through rose-colored glasses.  The first thing you will see when you put them on is that you’ve been trampling all over the miracles falling at your feet every day.  Let’s face it — you just can’t see or appreciate your blessings when your head is up your ____ (rhymes with “sass”.)


And I hope you will help a former cynic and share your most recent miracle in the space below.


I sure could use it today.


Love, love, love,  Jennifer


Photo: Flickr, francoiskarm

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18 Responses to I Got Me an $1100 God!

  1. Jennifer, that was so beautifully put. We often hear people complain about all they have been through not realizing the operative word is “through”. The fact that we come through the trials to the other side rather that stay in them is in itself a miracle and worthy of praise. I would tell you all that God has done for me but this box is to small. I will tell you that no matter how big the storm, He always shows up right on time with exactly what I need. Also the more I praise and thank Him in the midst of my trouble the more He has blessed me. God bless.

  2. brendy esmond says:

    Great story! How about “wusband” for x husband

  3. Maureen says:

    Love what you wrote. There are many ways to think about trusting the abundance all around us….like the country song “Standing Knee Deep in a River and Dying of Thirst” or “I Keep Waiting for Those Blessings in Disguise” or “Accept, Bless, and Get Going” or “You attract what you desire not what you need” — in other words, miracles are all around us just waiting to be appreciated. An attitude of gratitude helps bring them into focus!

  4. Erika says:

    “If you can, abandon your skepticism and cynicism. Look for hope. Look for joy. See examples of abundance and richness wherever you go.” …I love that.

    One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein: “There are only two ways to go through life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

    Lately I’ve found it pleasing to give thanks for all the big and small misfortunes that have not befallen me: job not lost, car not wrecked, family intact, health intact, all systems, machinery, and technology working properly, no expensive repairs required, glasses not broken, house not broken into, data not lost, cold not caught…the possibilities of bad things that are *not* happening are almost endless!

  5. That “attitude of gratitude” keeps me in focus. I love what you said about, “I should have asked for more.” Isn’t that the truth? We always get what we ask for. The Universe is an abundant place and there’s more than enough for everyone. Loved this post! Thanks!

  6. Kesha Brown says:

    This statement sums up the whole article:

    “You’ve got to CHOOSE to believe.”

    EXACTLY and I love this post!!

    I always love your writings deary and appreciate your wisdom and giving it to folks real 🙂


  7. Kate Britt says:

    I believe your amazing story about your money gods because they match my life’s experience. It’s absolutely true that whenever I’ve needed a certain amount of extra money…. voila! It has come along. From sometimes very surprising places, and often unplanned-for, unexpected places. I Believe.

    When I refer to my former husband, who’s still a good friend, I hate saying “my ex” as most people do. I do like your “then-husband”. What sounds best to me is “my kids’ dad”. Everybody gets that one.

  8. Kate says:

    Jennifer, I have a God who delivers as well. I so totally jumped for joy when I read your story. I tell freinds all the time “get a flipping God box, write down what you need, put it in there and say “thank you for handling this.” and then let go and “know” that in his time and in his way it will be handled and then the cool stuff happens. Every time he’s come through for us. But I think our part has to be in living honestly. Living gratefully and paying things forward. I started tithing at a funky new church (unity) and its hard because I’ve been so fear based inspire of the miracles. So I’m beginning to tithe as a demonstration of faith and gratitude.

  9. Danielle says:

    I feel like the universe never leads you down a path you’re not meant to learn from.

    Looking back; all of the things that were “bad” that have come across my path and into my life in the last 5 years were only meant to highlight the need for a big stinkin’ life change. The blessing of that knowledge now helps me to see and truly believe that I’m doing the right thing now, no matter how difficult it might be. Without experiencing the bad, I would have never pushed myself to move into the good – by myself, FOR myself.

    It’s all about putting positive out into the universe, and knowing that it will give it back to you in spades; no matter what god (or not god) you believe in. So maybe it’s a “universe” box…

    • Jennifer says:

      Love the “universe” box idea. I think god is okay with us using whatever terminology we need to use to get the gist of it. Thanks for writing in, love.

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