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Psst. It’s Leap Day – Here’s How to Get a Free Dress!

  Today is Leap Day. That’s the really important day we add to our calendar every four years because otherwise we would get really screwed up. It said so in Wikipedia. I looked it up. Other than that, the only … Continue reading

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A Word on Fear: Let’s Not Talk Prudence while Practicing Evasion

  I am writing to you this morning from a sacred retreat with some really wonderful women. I’m not having the best time. I’m in an ornery place – not the retreat house . . . within myself. First of … Continue reading

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Stop Peeing in Your Wheaties: 9 Sure-Fire Ways to Reverse Stinking Thinking

It’s said that “whatever we place in our magical magnifying mind grows.” If you’ve ever had a “spiral downward” sort of day, you know what I mean. It seems like bad days sort of cave in on themselves. They might … Continue reading

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When Do You Get to Stop Hating Your Body?

So, it turns out I needn’t ever worry about topics to share with you. I’ve got late-night TV. I’m up at o’dark hundred with the cat and the computer and I find this cable show, “How to Look Good Naked.” … Continue reading

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