It’s Only Too Late If . . .

. . . You Don’t Start Now!

That is the title of a book written by Barbara Sher. I bought that book more than a decade ago. And today, I’m ready to talk to you about it.

But first, this –

Whenever something happens “in threes” I know to take notice. This time, the “coincidence” that happened three times may have a REAL impact on your life, so I know I have to share it with you.


First Time

I’m here in New York to learn how to create a flourishing movement of women at Mid-Life. We’ve talked about the really important things like health, vitality, focus, and such. But we’ve also taken a more granular view of our work.

On our site, there is a place where you can choose to stay in touch with us. That place – with the floral headdress woman – is called an Opt-In form. (Please fill it out now, if you haven’t already.)


Second Time

Later, we met a REALLY cool couple who decided – four days before their wedding – to totally toss their upward trajectory lives (by traditional standards) in the can, and become social movement nomads. Their company is Misfit, Inc.  They call themselves “professional troublemakers.”  I LOVE that!

Anyway, they talked about “opting in” to themselves, to listening to what their hearts were telling them about what they WANTED to do versus what they were SUPPOSED to do.


Third Time

And then I woke up this morning and found a comment from a reader on our site, who, at 62 years old, is standing right at the gateway of her current life dream, but just hasn’t been able to cross that threshold because she has been afraid “it’s too late.” (A lot of people come to our site that way. IN FACT, I came to our site that way.)


And, the first thought I had was, “Opt-In, Love!”


If you’ve read my I’m Jennifer  page, you know that I waited nearly 15 years before I decided to “opt-in” to my own Big Dream. I even had to “age up” my audience demographic because I waited so long to get started, both my readers and I had outgrown those concerns and were on to the next thing – the challenges of Mid-Life.

When we’re afraid it’s too late, we are talking about regret. And regret is about sorrow. And if we don’t move through our sorrow, we can get stuck in a downward spiral of hopelessness that has as its mantra “Could Shoulda Woulda.”

So back to Barbara Sher’s book. I bought that book 15 years ago.

And I started this site on February 1.

I’m not going to waste one minute regretting that. But I do so EARNESTLY hope that you can use my experience to propel you across the front landing to your Big Dream.

Please, please, please, OPT-IN to your own life today.

You don’t have to make a Big Splash. Why put all that pressure on yourself?

Start with something really small, and build from there.

If you want to get healthier, eat ONE strawberry.

If you want to be a writer, write ONE paragraph.

If you want to be a world traveler, check today to see if your passport is current.

But whatever it is you want to do, OPT-IN to your own life.

Because here’s the thing, Sweet Cheeks, It’s Only Too Late if You Don’t Start Now.


By the way, here’s where you Opt-In to get our eRetreat, “Reclaim the Sass” so we can stay in touch. Go ahead and believe in yourself, love.


Love, Jennifer
Photo: Flickr, krupp

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15 Responses to It’s Only Too Late If . . .

  1. Jeanette says:

    So…there you have it: it is only too late if…

    I know that, in this thing I call a brain, but my heart trembles. Here’s what drives me nuts: as a reasonable gal, I KNOW what you say is true, that by taking one step at a time, I will be on my way before I know it…but, my heart trembles. I have been asked to write a memoir for a woman who has lived a huge life, but who is now suffering from dementia. It is an old and cherished dream to do this genre of writing; I put it out there, and this came! I believe in the power of intention and thought. Word creates action, action creates Opportunity…but, my heart trembles. I stand here, now, paralyzed as to where to start the actual writing. I have info, which I know will lead to more info, but it doesn’t seem enough (excuse number 1, in order but not priority). I have never done this (excuse 2, and the real source of my fear, along with…) what if I fail? (ah…what drew me to you, in the first place)…from your lips to my heart and so, my heart trembles. What really is failure in this? Failure is not starting, one word at a time, and I feel like I fail every time I sit to do it and don’t, I fail. I don’t understand why fear stops me. I am searching for the thoughts to place in my head, in my heart, to nudge me into action. Your posts, and those of the your LAT, make feel less alone, which I love and appreciate. They also make me question how much of the emotional fear I feel is the work of those grubby little hormones, ramping up all of the anxiety they can manage, in decline. I know I can do this…but my heart trembles. Thank you for being the verbal hug as I work to release this fear.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hey, sweet pea, why don’t you just send me the first 50 words right now?

      • Jeanette says:

        did so, though it made me feel ill! Thanks for the opt in. Please feel no obligation, it is the getting started kick from that ‘just do it’ foot of yours that was needed. You rock!

        Hoping the New York experience continues to engage and enthrall! They are lucky to have you.

  2. Each great journey begins with a single step…

  3. helen says:

    my sister use to tell me “it is too late when the lid is closing over you”
    yes … until that moment i can start something new every day

    or as martin luther (the one with the reformation and bible translation) said: “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. ” – so he was thinking about “not too late”

    but i know what you mean … and so lets start the rest of our life and the best of our life today!

    and i am also struggling with the opt-in-forms and a method to feed chocolate to roy 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m opting in on cleaning the basement today. Not the funnest opt in I could have, but it will feel good to be freer when I move out the “old.”

  4. Opted-in! To your blog, to my work, to my life. Thank you for being an inspiration Jennifer!

  5. Christopher says:

    I’m opting in to being called “Sweet Cheeks”! LOL.

    Appreciate you Jennifer. : )

  6. Caron says:

    I’m opting in to remove more crap from my house. Today I cleaned the stuff out from under my bed. I’m opting in to give up desserts (except for an occasional red velvet cupcake) and junk food. I’m opting in to becoming more of a defined individual that doesn’t rely on external examples that just don’t work anymore. That’s a start for now. 🙂

  7. Louise (from Thelma & Louise) says:

    I’m ALL IN!!!!!

    I opted out of the “Its only too late” mentality a few months ago. It is SO worth the chance!

    I haven’t posted in a while. With all this Beautiful weather in the Northeast, I’ve been out enjoying every minute of it!

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