Symphony YOU. Plus, My Musical Gift to You.


I’m not sure if we’ve talked about this, but my first ever BIG DREAM was to be a professional flautist.

That’s a flute player who practices.

Anyway, I practiced so hard for so long that a really good school offered to pay me to play there.  But it was kind of boring, in that it wasn’t QUITE the right Big Dream for me.

But, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED to just play.

There are so many intersections between musicianship, artistry, and working toward your own Big Dream.  But the one I want to share with you today is the idea of “doing” versus “discussing.”

As you know, the main tenet of our work here at Life After Tampons is to IMPLEMENT the answer to this question,


What would you DO if you knew you could not fail?


We can do the work.

And we can talk about doing the work.

But, sometimes, we can’t do both at the same time.

If you pay attention to your life, if you listen to the rhythmic symphony that is your “uniquely you” journey, you will hear the lovely orchestral magic happening on your own midlife stage.

Sometimes we hear from the horns,  Sometimes the strings take center stage.

Sometimes the percussive troublemakers get in there and beat some shit out.

And then the soulful English horn takes a stab at it.

Every now and then those smart ass saxophones take their turn, which unfortunately inspires the trombones (can anyone say “plumbing?”) to fart and scratch all over the place.

Somehow, the cacophony organizes itself, and the Maker makes music out of it all.

Perhaps the Grand Score has you sitting out the next 128 measures. No worries.

Just remember to keep listening.  And start paying attention when you hear the violins starting to heat up the contrapuntal opening phrase.

Your entrance is 8 bars after that.

(And, if you need some musical inspiration today, here’s ME, playing The Lord’s Prayer, with my great pianist friend, Jason Sherlock, of the National Cathedral Choir.)

Love, Jen

Photo: Flickr, Stephen A. Wolfe

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19 Responses to Symphony YOU. Plus, My Musical Gift to You.

  1. Kimberly L. Alvarado says:

    YOU are full of talent!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you, Kimberly. Most of us can do a lot more than we think. What sort of art do you like to make?

  2. Lynne Spreen says:

    Jennifer, you are awesome. I mean, I already knew that, but dang, girl. Your music was beautiful. Thank you for the treat.

    Now as for “what would you do…” I have asked myself that question a good number of times. I enjoy fantasizing about the literal question and answer. What would I do if a fairy godmother told me, “Pick the thing, and you will achieve it. Guaranteed.” I believe it’s good to ask ourselves this from time to time because it puts us back in touch with what we love. What we want for OURSELVES, as opposed to wishing for things for others. Also, I believe that it’s pretty similar to the process of visualization, and visualizing success can get you a lot closer to the real thing. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Jennifer says:

      I LOVE your take on it, Lynne! It’s really really time to take a turn in our own lives. There isn’t really TIME to wait anymore. I’d love to hear what you’re working on these days. J

  3. helen says:

    so lovely
    thanks so much for sharing this jen 🙂

  4. 6 birds sitting on a wire. 5 decide to fly away. How many are left?

    Answer: all 6. As you say, Jen, we have to do more than decide or discuss, we must take action or we sit on the wire our whole life.

    (can’t open a .wma file, but will keep trying would love to hear you play!)

    • Jennifer says:

      Lord, is there another file type I should use? I’ll check into options for next time. And I love the Bird Story. Kind of like a hen party. Remember The Music Man? “Pick a little, peck a little, pick a little, peck a little. Pick pick pick

      With Good night ladies going on in the background.

      Love that part. Except it’s so damn sexest.

  5. Carole Cross says:

    So beautiful Jen. Thanks for the inspiration to step out and share my art with the world. I have water colors calling me – and writing! Love you and your gifts! 🙂

  6. Jeanette says:

    So amazing to be able to play like that…I listened to it twice, the second time as the tune to my own prayer, ‘What do I want to make sing in my life?’ Thank you for the generosity it takes to share your gifts.

    This post describes, almost exactly, the core of my own creative dilemma: Do I really want to write, or do I merely enjoy doing so when the pressure is off? I sure have spent a great deal of time thinking over doing it, which irritates me to no end and has me shooting for honesty in the answer. :O( So, I have been ‘doing’, of late, over ‘thinking’ and it turns out I still don’t know! Jen, when is the dream really obsolete or merely waiting for the right time to jump in? sigh. Thank you for nudging us to ask these questions of ourselves…thank you for playing!

    • jeanette says:

      OMG! I just answered that question for myself. Trying to avoid my latest writing session, I decided to find out why some LAT members have pictures and others don’t. While the answer made me feel, momentarily, like I could use a personal software update, it also gave me insight. As I look at some of the wonderful blogs created by the women in this group, I am impressed with the level of writing and insight; I am also aware that, while I too, have a blog, I have opened it up to a whopping 5 people. The reason is that I go there to work things out, to wander, scream, and amuse myself without involving anyone else. It hit me that most of the writing I love to do (and thought I wanted to share) is actually too personal, way raw and not suited for public consumption. Further, the idea of it (though I did at one time restructure for just this thing) gives me the heebee-jeebees and keeps me from going there, myself. Isn’t that nuts? Yet, it is true and looking it in the eyes, just now, i find that understanding is freeing! Who knew? I love this place you have created! It is becoming a really sharp pair of bi-focals for these tired eyes.

  7. Carole Lyden says:

    Just found you through pick the brain blog. Love the name of the site. I guess that is me and I am re inventing myself as a writer and blogger.

    Sometimes I think that it is not so much that we think we might fail it is that we could be successful and we may not be able to handle it.


    • Jennifer says:

      Hi, love. WELCOME!!!! And thanks for your thoughts at Pick the Brain, too. I think you’re “spot on,” by the way. I’m so happy you found us, Carole. We have the funnest ever group of women here! You’ll fit right in!

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