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Today, It’s Your Turn. Open If You’re Ready!!

  Today I want to talk to you about Unrequited Dreams. Because, if you’re a woman, I KNOW you have them. Maybe it’s supposed to be this way. Maybe the survival of the species depends on us forever taking the … Continue reading

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You People Amaze Me!

  You people amaze me!!! A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to help me help you. I sent a brief survey. And you responded in RECORD numbers. Oh, my, you were so amazingly beautifully candid. About your hopes. … Continue reading

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101 Ways to Love Your Summer — Even If Your Butt Is Still Jiggly.

  So, the pool opens this weekend. For most of my life I spent this week hating on myself because, in spite of my January resolve, my Memorial Day thighs just weren’t what I had hoped for. Thankfully, I’m coming … Continue reading

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What’s Your Spiritual “Footprint”? Emotional?

 (Warning: This piece is sort of a rant. Ironically, it’s about intolerance.  So, if intolerance makes you crazy, read at your own risk.  There is almost no cussing in this piece.  Which is unusal.  It’s hard for me to rant without cussing.  … Continue reading

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