Today, It’s Your Turn. Open If You’re Ready!!


Today I want to talk to you about Unrequited Dreams.

Because, if you’re a woman, I KNOW you have them.

Maybe it’s supposed to be this way. Maybe the survival of the species depends on us forever taking the Back Seat in our own lives.

Certainly from a very young age we’re schooled to believe it. I spent countless hours role playing my future life with Barbie and Ken. I LOVED my Barbie Dream Kitchen and Convertible!

As an adult, I did all of that house-making stuff. In fact, I have LOVED doing all (well, okay, most) of that. But around my 49th birthday last year, I started wondering what the heck had happened to MY life.

Not “Career Jen” with twenty-some years of killer work accomplishments. Or “Mama Jen” with the swirling energy of my three stinky, back-talking boys moving on without me.

I’d already had to give up the idea of “Married for Life Jen” and “Mother of Daughter Jen” since my only little girl died.

The Mattel Action Doll I wanted – “Jen, Fully Alive as Herself.”

That Jen.

The one who CAME ALIVE around art and music and learning and ideas. The one who wanted to write a half-dozen books (maybe more). The one who wanted to travel the globe and talk to other (into)Action Dolls who were also leaving their own PERSONAL mark on the world.

Basically, I wanted a turn in my own damn life!

But the world, felt differently.

Or so I thought.

The truth was, I’d never really paused long enough to zoom the lens out and understand that it wasn’t so much the world that was holding me back…it was me.

So, I did something radical. I ran away. Not for life, but for long enough to reawaken and accept the fact that how I lived in the world — how the world treated me from that moment forward — was largely MY responsibility. That meant I had to give up the victim role FOREVER!

After all, I had made every choice that led me to where I was. Since that was true, I could simply make different choices.

And so, I left my retreat ALIVE with new-found purpose.

I put my Midlife Big Girl Panties on, took back the responsibility for my own life, and informed the people I love that it was now THEIR TURN to give me a TURN in my own life.

And guess what happened then?

Nobody Blinked an Eye!

Nope. Just the opposite, in fact.

As soon as I put voice to my Big Dream, as soon as I told the family I love that “there was gonna have to be some changes around here,” as soon as I did all of that . . .

. . . the “World” said this –

“Um, okay. Well, YES, dear. We’ve been waiting for you.”

Okay it was a bit more than that. Not EVERYBODY was on-board Team Jen. And even that was important information, because identifying those people was critical as well. (Now I knew who to stay away from.)

But I did spend the entire next year, turning around the Mother Ship, so that it was now at least headed to the Ports of Call that interested me.

I spent months diving deep into my fears, gifts, mindset, passions, support, desires and goals. Reading, learning, talking, breathing, sharing, opening, blossoming and evolving. I was on a learning and mid-life reinvention tear. It was, and continues to be one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.

And people around me noticed. They all wanted to know what had happened. How did I get so high on life — drug free?

Did I lose weight? Did I have surgery? Dermabrasion? What was lighting me up and inspiring the world around me to trip over themselves to rally to my vision?

The simple answer was, I’d rediscovered and taken full ownership of that glorious being that had remained mostly dead for so many years. I stopped waiting for permission. I began to radiate again.

And the world around me took notice!

But, I’ve also known for decades, I’m here to share, to teach, to inspire. To keep all I’d discovered to myself seemed downright unthinkable. Fear-based. Selfish, even.

How many millions of women are in need of the wisdom, the insight, the community, the space to be held for them and only them that I had discovered?

How could I ever justify keeping this to myself when there are so many other women like me still living lives of quiet desperation — devoid of the tools, the community and the path to a re-empowered life?

So, I launched Life After Tampons to give voice, sanity and community to kick-ass mid-life.

The response blew me away. Within a few short months, it’s become the fastest growing community for rocking mid-life women on the web!

But that wasn’t enough. You wanted more and I realized I have a ton more to give.

“What if,” I wondered, “beyond the blog, I could recreate the astonishingly transformative process I’d created for myself, then share it with all the gorgeous women in the tribe who’ve essentially got nowhere else to go?” What if, instead of having to melt-down and runaway, I could deliver the full-contact benefits to an intimate mini-tribe of inspired women who were ready to step up and say, “This is MY time, show me the way!”

Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done for you with the creation of my PRIVATE Craft Your Comeback 30-day Workshop (CYC).

Over four glorious weeks, you, me and a small group of mid-life reinventors will work together to overcome two of the biggest obstacles to getting what you want out of your life:  fear and support. You and I will then team up to cultivate the support and skills needed to clearly define and birth life into your next great adventure.


(CYC Registration Shortcut!)


Here’s what’s on the menu…

Week 1 – CLARITY

One of the biggest struggles for women like us, who’ve spent so much time serving others, is actually figuring out who we are and what we really want. Not what we wanted decades ago, but what we want NOW. And, if you can’t see that with clarity, your reinvention is doomed to fail. It’s a total non-starter.

During our first week together, we’ll turn you into a clarity clairvoyant!


  • We’ll explore the two critical vision points that begin to unlock the keys to your next big adventure – where you are NOW and where you WANT to go.


  • We’re gonna dust off old dreams and see if they still ring true for you. If not, that’s okay too, because often the seeds of your current TRUTH were planted in what we find tucked away in your spiritual HOPE CHEST.


  • We’ll begin our discussion of STRATEGY in week one, though this is so IMPORTANT, we’re gonna continue this part of our discussion throughout.


But, that’s still just the beginning…



Clarity is ground zero for your launch plan, but it’ll lead to more pain than pleasure if you don’t also know how to build the confidence to actually DO SOMETHING with it!

Once we have identified your starting point:


  • We’ll talk about ways to build confidence so that your FEAR doesn’t take you out of the game. I’m a Professional Overcomer – I know how to triumph under any and all conditions. In fact, I INSIST upon it!


  • You’ll learn the Secret Ingredient in the Secret Sauce of People Who Triumph (and if you’re really nice, I may also share the recipe for my secret Streusel Cake which turns all negative household energy into a “how may I serve you” mindset. lol).


  • After you know this secret (to triumph, not cake – though cake IS essential) -– after you secure its truth for your own life — we’re gonna move into STRATEGY.


  • We’ll take a beautiful INVENTORY of everything that could possibly derail us, and then work together to come up with an action plan to deal with those challenges.

You won’t BELIEVE how great you are going to feel as you MASTER your own FEAR.



With your new reinvention mindset solidly in place, now it’s time to rally together the resources and support that will serve as your mission-control, the mandatory support structure that will ensure that you not only achieve lift-off, but keep on flying as high and as far as your heart desires. Skip this step, and so many do, and you start with a bang, but then tumble quickly to a dead stop.

Once we get on FIRE about where we’re going and we begin to step more CONFIDENTLY toward our VISION, we’re going to take a good hard look at the resources (time, cash, know how, and support) you need to move forward.

NO matter WHO you are, no matter WHERE you’ve been, no matter WHAT your current “story”, you CAN find a way to secure the resources you need to move forward.  


  • I’ll tell you what my $1100 miracle – delivered 16 years ago — taught me about money, fear, and FLOW.


  • I’ll show you where to find the resources that are currently “hidden in plain sight” in your actual life RIGHT NOW.


  • PLUS, I’m going to set you up with your very own Wisdom Circle Party Line (via Google Groups.)

You won’t believe how amazing it feels to give and receive the wisdom that you may not even realize you can claim. As you help your Soul Sisters fulfill their Unrequited Dreams, you’ll see new resources appear, doors open, and unexpected connections made for you and Your Big Dream too! And, you’ll create a bond with an intimate, trusted community who will be there for you every step of the way.


Week Four – (wo)Manifest: Your Master (Mistress) Plan.

Ugh. Language is so tricky. Don’t you think that, as women, we should say, “(Wo)manifesto: Your Madame Plan”? No matter. Because BY NOW, we’ve learned how to become Master Overcomers! We’re gonna put a killer Action Plan in place. Because, without a plan that inspires and guides action, everything we’ve done together is chit chat.

Now you’ve probably already tried this “planning thing” before. And, I’m guessing that, like me, you already have enough experience watching your hopes die the tortuous death of a million paper cuts as the demands of your existing commitments clamor for attention. Most plans fail because they aren’t NIMBLE. And a woman’s life DEMANDS for flexibility.

So we’re gonna build that in. Your success will come as you learn to move fluidly along the give and take scale of giving to the people you love WITHOUT sacrificing yourself in the process. It’s simply a skill set you CAN learn and master.

You CAN move your own vision forward AND stay joyfully connected to the people you love.

How is this done? Well, we’re gonna repurpose what we “think” are our disadvantages so that they become instead a powerful catalyst for change. (More about that during the session.) But for today, just know this — as women, our bodies and psyches are naturally attuned to the changing seasons of the people and world around us. I mean, Duhhh!!

Periods? Cycles? Seasons? CHANGE – We’re already really really good at ADAPTION, now we just have to learn to adapt – with purpose!


(Is it YOUR TURN yet? Register Here!)


With respect to your Unrequited Dream(s)…

At the end of our four weeks together, you’ll have:  

  • Excitement again about the very real possibilities for your One Beautiful Life – REGARDLESS of your current circumstances


  • Clarity about what makes you feel most ALIVE. If you wish, you’ll even have identified the “next right” Big Dream


  • A WORKABLE Strategy for securing what you need to create something that is UNIQUELY YOURS


  • Solutions for overcoming fear, self-doubt, and push-back from others


  • The opportunity to see how the depth of your life wisdom can help others. Truly, you already have so much. But you might need to see that a bit clearer.


  • Clear and executable strategies for moving forward


  • An intimate group of women to lean on for support, inspiration (and a whole lot of laughs) who are all “in it together.”

Okay, sound UH-MAZING!!! But, how do I lock in my seat?


(CYC Seat-Locking Link!)


Here are the details:

Craft Your Comeback kicks off on Tuesday, June 19.

Every Tuesday for 4 weeks, we’ll come together for a private tele-jam session. You can dial in from anywhere in the world. And, of course, if you miss it (yeah, let’s be real, life does occasionally get in the way), it’ll all be recorded, so don’t sweat it. On each tele-jam session, we’ll rock some serious knowledge, but also leave plenty of time to get personal, to share what’s going on in your life and ask the questions you need answered.

But, that’s not all. You’ll also be invited into a private discussion group, where you’ll be able to get to know everyone else better, build those bonds that help fuel sustained evolution and, if needed, even be your voices of support and sanity if those around you “in real life” feel a bit threatened by your re-emergence as a real-live, super-powered, radiant woman of power and presence.

This will be an extraordinary transformational month, one that will reawaken your spirit and inspire you to reclaim that part of your soul and your life you may have wondered if you’d ever get back.


But, there is a bit of bad news…

For me to be able to give you everything you need, the group must stay intimate. I refuse to turn this into one of those mega-conference cattle call disasters. This is all about, knowledge, power and deep connection. Which means, the group must remain small. It will be capped at only 35 people. That’s not a fake scarcity thing, it’s an “honoring my commitment to deep service” thing.

And, what about tuition?

For a month-long experience at this level, with this high a level of “touch,” insight and intimacy, you’d expect me to price this sucker through the roof. But, I can’t do that. Because, again, this is an extension of my desire to serve women like me, women like you, who are bound by a certain amount of buried pain and repressed desire.

So, I’ve decided to make this workshop ridiculously affordable. The tuition for the Craft Your Comeback Workshop is only $199 (plus that silly registration fee they charge).


(Ready to Craft Your Comeback? Register Here.)


Oh heck, let me make this even easier!

Here’s something crystal clear, the people who get what they want in life are the ones who take action. This is no different. I love to inspire people (yeah, that’d be you) to act.

So, here’s a little fast-mover’s incentive…

When you are one of the first 10 people to claim your spot, YOU will get a private 30-minute session with moi (valued at $195) AND a $50 discount off of your tuition.


(Sorry, Only 10 Discounted Spots with Private Jen-Time Available.  Click here.)


Oh, and one other thing, I don’t want you to risk a dime…

This will be an extraordinary experience. But, I don’t want you to feel like you’re risking even a penny of your own money. So, here’s the deal. Register today, claim your seat (because if you don’t someone else will, and fast). Attend the first session. Learn, revel, enjoy, laugh, participate fully. And, if you are not delighted by what you experience, simply email me at that day to tell me and I’ll refund your moolah, 100%, no questions asked.

Seriously, can I make this any easier for you?

Okay, last thing…

Please know, though, that at this price and with such a limited number of seats, I cannot guarantee that your seat will not be taken if you don’t rise to claim what’s yours right now.

Only question is, are you ready to step up, take responsibility for your life from this moment forward and awaken that person who’s been desperate to re-emerge for so long?

Once you complete your registration today, you’ll get an email within a few minutes with all of the details for the calls and the private inspiration group.
Make it happen today. Claim your seat now. 

(Last Call for CYC Registration.)

And, as always, THANK YOU for allowing me to be part of your journey!

Love, Jennifer

Photo: Flickr, JD Hancock

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  1. An amazing program! I’m tweeting it right now

  2. Angela says:

    This is fantastic! I hope you will be offering more and more of these types of programs.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you, Angela. Absolutely!!! The response is amazing already. It really, REALLY is time for us women at MIDLIFE to take a TURN!!!

  3. Wow!! This sounds like an awesome program for us to delve into and reclaim our true selves.

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