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I’m Fine” and Other Lies that Will Give you a Bump on Your Tongue

  When I was little, I would sometimes get one of those painful little bumps on my tongue. When I told my mother, she would say, “Oh, You must have told a lie. That’s what causes those.” And then I would … Continue reading

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It’s Not the What. It’s the Why.

WARNING!  Some of you ARE NOT going to like this!  (Please take a deep breath before reacting though.  And try and be honest with yourself.  Plus, this — you don’t have to be a mom to get the point of … Continue reading

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Dread. Locks.

  These days I’m trying a bunch of new stuff. And sometimes, when I’m trying a bunch of new stuff, my mind starts messing with me. Mostly, it tells me I need a nap. So, sometimes I take the nap … Continue reading

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Ask Jen — How to Deal with Maimers, Blamers, and Shamers.

We can’t avoid it.  We live on this planet with other people.  And, sometimes people sort of suck.  In our ongoing conversation about how to Craft Your Comeback, reader Anne R. wrote in that one of the reasons she fears … Continue reading

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