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Whatever Happened to “Enough?”

What if you did less? It’s the last week of summer here. Some of our kids have left for college. The ones still here need new shoes, backpacks, school supplies. I feel certain no one has completed their summer reading … Continue reading

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How to Deal with Difficult People

Sign up here to Get Your Sass Back! Geez! Where did all these crappy, grumpy, controlling people come from? Is it a full moon? Is the SLAP (Sad, Lonely, Angry People) convention in town? Lately, it seems like everyone I’m … Continue reading

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A Coffee Klatch with Fear – You’re Invited!

Recently some of my dearest and oldest fears stopped by for coffee. We had a nice chat. Usually, my fears do all the talking, but this time I had a few things to say, too. My fears wanted to stay … Continue reading

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A Note to Over-Thinkers Everywhere — Because I’m a REALLY Slow Learner!

A few years ago, I discovered something remarkable that has changed my life. I found out you don’t HAVE to think about stuff. When someone has been hurtful to you, you don’t have to replay those memories over and over again. … Continue reading

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