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Why I’m Selling My House. Hint: As Crazy as This May Sound, It’s About Beautiful You!!!

Do your insides match your outsides? In other words, are you living your life in accordance with your beliefs? For some time now, to a greater or lesser extent, I would have had to answer, “Nope, not completely.” There are … Continue reading

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Humpty Dumpty’s Pep Talk to a Friend in Need. Is That You?

A friend of mine has been going through the shit storm to end all shit storms.  She’s tried everything to break through, but nothing has worked yet.  She wrote to a group of us with a check-in, but her message … Continue reading

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The Eureka to End All Eureka’s — and JOY!!!

Have you ever spent time with someone who INSISTS at looking at the dark side of things? Aren’t they exhausting? (Confession before we go any further – I have, on occasion, been that person.) I had good reason to be … Continue reading

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Last Day Serenity

What if we all dropped our masks at the same time? What if, when you woke up tomorrow, everyone around you told the truth about their lives, their marriages, their financial situations, their kids? What if, when you went to … Continue reading

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