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What is Your Truest Truth?

What is your truest truth? That is where we begin. Are you a conversational shape shifter? Or, when talking about the truth of your life, are you able to say that thing that needs to be said — The thing … Continue reading

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Zits, Whiskers, Bald Spots. It’s All Just Good, Clean Menopausal Fun!

So, I’m down in the Mayan jungle with my Good Life Project Mastermind group outlining the next 4 months of our LATvian journey. (By the way, LATvia is the imaginary internet land that is all things Life After Tampons. If you … Continue reading

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Me and My Fatal Disease

If it were up to my disease, I would be dead by now. I’m an alcoholic, and, today, I am celebrating twenty-three years of continuous sobriety. The one thing I want you to know about my alcoholism is that it … Continue reading

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Why You’re Stuck – Stinking Thinking. Part 2 of Our “Open Your Damned Eyes” Series.

Have you ever started out the day in a pretty good mood, or at least not minding it all so much? You resolve to appreciate the day, get the stuff done that is weighing on your heart, have a great … Continue reading

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