Choose. Because You Can.

When you want to create, you show up.  With or without your muse.

When you want to be happy, you give all your happiness away.

When you want to heal, you let go of your story.

When you want to change, you make a decision.

When you want health, you put down the Twinkies. (click to tweet)

When you want to grow, you let go of old ways.

When you want to succeed, you refuse to fail.

When you want to be free, you face the thing you are pretending doesn’t exist.

When you want to matter, you make a difference.

When you want anonymity, you retreat to the silence within.

When you want to make a difference, you take action.

When you want a different ending, you change what happens next.

When you want to feel loved, you give love away.

When you want to feel connected, you stop looking for differences.

When you want to feel unique, you start loving yourself.

When you want to feel empowered, you stop being a victim.


Do you see, love? Whatever you do or don’t want, YOU decide. (cliek to tweet)

You act.


I’m choosing Beautiful You.  Love, Jennifer

P.S.  I want us to grow together, so I’m asking for you to come with.  Please click here to join the LAT community.  We’re super fun, and we’re too grown up to spam!!!

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15 Responses to Choose. Because You Can.

  1. Dawn L. says:

    The secret seems to be action. Thought doesnt get me very far, it is only when I put those positive thoughts into action that it works. And letting go is one of the most important actions I have taken… letting go of my negative thinking so I can love myself, letting go of my past so I can create a new future, letting go of my fear so I can move forward.

  2. Stuart Young says:

    All true statements – nice to read them in one place. Certainly as Dawn above says: it requires action. Having said that before action a decision must be made. The word ‘try’ cannot be used when describing your decision however, as trying is NOT doing. Let’s all decide – today. 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh, love, I absolutely think that trying is completely part of it. Because success is iterative. So, we try, we miss, we sloppily advance. I’m learning to embrace the sloppy lot of it. Jen

  3. Lisa says:

    You are so right, but don’t forget that actions begin with thoughts. It has to start somewhere.

  4. Bonnie says:

    This is the first thing I read this morning and WOW – what a powerful way to start the day. I plan to print this and read it every morning. After reading each thought the word that came to my mind is “power.” Yes, I have the power within me to make the difference, to change the end of the story, to let go of the old narrative, to embrace my unique quirky qualities while at the same time feel blessed to connect with other women (especially my clients struggling with weight and body image issues). Jen, you did it again! You are always “spot on” with what I need to hear. Thank you for being an amazing women and sharing your thoughts with us.

  5. What a powerful post!
    My favorite is “When you want a different ending, you change what happens next.”

    The key message is to take action. It doesn’t have to be perfect action or carefully thought-out action, just action. Whatever action we take changes the molecules and brings about a new result.

    This is so profound and yet it has took me a few years (okay, decades) to realize.
    I’ve got it now. Yippee!

  6. Carol Hess says:

    I think we have a new credo here, Jen. Can we make a poster or tattoo it on our foreheads or something? There is lots and lots of wisdom in these few words.

  7. Teresa says:

    Just found the LAT site/community and can I just say….Ahaaaa….I could almost weep from how happy I am to hear about ideas that have been bubbling in my heart for a while now. I am so happy to be here!

    One of my ‘themes’ this year is ‘Inspired ACTION’ Which means to me when I get a hit of inspiration I act right away…no questioning it…with complete trust that unseen forces will come to my aide. So far so good…it is what led me here to this site (and a bunch of other cool happenings in my life this year!)

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