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A Word about Haters

The other day, I launched something new.  This essay isn’t about that, though. This piece is about the meanness of one reader who contacted me afterwards because I actually work for a living. Now, there was a time when I … Continue reading

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Your Dauntless + Delicious Life!

Hello Beautiful! This Friday, February 1, marks our first anniversary together.  It’s been a CRAZY-awesome 365-day ride.  And we’re just getting started. Tens of thousands of you have shared your journey with us.  And get this — you come from … Continue reading

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A Year From Now

I’m on vacation with my family.  We’re on the same cruise we shared time last year – to mark my 50th birthday and the launch of our midlife reinvention site, Life After Tampons. I can’t believe the way our community has … Continue reading

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How to Get More Power — The Promise of Full Accountability

  After our last piece, a couple of you wrote in with some really important comments. You shared that you weren’t going to take the “guilt” or “blame” for the crappy actions of the crappy people in your life. I … Continue reading

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