Your Dauntless + Delicious Life!

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Hello Beautiful!

This Friday, February 1, marks our first anniversary together.  It’s been a CRAZY-awesome 365-day ride.  And we’re just getting started.

Tens of thousands of you have shared your journey with us.  And get this — you come from 147 different nations!!!

You’d think with all those different cultures and personalities involved, we’d have vastly different concerns about how to live our best possilbe lives.

But actually, the exact opposite is true!

When you become a regular LAT reader, the first thing I ask you is what you would do with your life if you knew you could not fail.  I want to understand what holds you back so that I can help you break through those barriers and do the things you really want to do.

Hands DOWN, you share that you have one or both of these two problems:

1. You’re UNCERTAIN about what you want (and/or how to get it)

AND, even if you do know what you want

2.  You’re AFRAID to take action.

Interestingly, some of you are afraid because you’re uncertain.  Others are uncertain because you’re afraid.

In other words, these two problems conspire against you and make it very difficult to get the results you want.

Today, all that ends!


Introducing the Dauntless + Delicious Infusion!

  • I bring the Strategic Sizzle and Soulful Sass.

  • You bring a Willing Heart and Your Unspoken Dream.

  • Together, we make the magic happen!

What would it be like to wake up certain that you were living your best life?  What if you were clear about your next steps, certain you were on the best path, and fearless about what the future held for you?

That is the promise of the Dauntless + Delicious Infusion. It’s fast, fun, low-fat, and spot-on EFFECTIVE!

Everyone is different, but here is what one of my clients says about the RESULTS she got from working with me:


  I have felt more alive and energized. I didn’t realize how much space and energy my past was taking up in my soul. Jennifer will challenge, guide and inspire you to take action in letting go of the stories that are keeping you stuck and small and create a new story that brings you life, joy and gratitude for your one beautiful life!” (Kristi Johnson, Boulder)


The Dauntless + Delicious Infusion is designed to get you unstuck, to move you past your fears, so that you can take strategic action toward the Delicious life that you’ve been waiting for.

It’s so easy to lose track of yourself. Maybe you’d even leap if you saw what you wanted.  But deep inside you know that life is meant to be savored, not endured.  And you’re sick of allowing FEAR to keep you tethered to a thin-gruel existence.

You’re ready to take your seat at the banquet.  To live deliciously!

(Ready to skip ahead and book your session now?  Here’s where you do that.)

Over the years, I have led countless workshops, retreats, keynotes, symposiums, confabs, and conventions where hundreds of women have gathered — all interested in living more joyfully, and maybe even making a big impact on others while doing so.

For nearly thirty years, my one overarching passion (including the completion of a graduate degree) has been to truly understand what separates those who falter from those who thrive.   My particular “superpower” is helping others manifest for themselves the Triumph of the Human Spirit.

I know why some women lose their way while others flourish.

My commitment is to see you join the ranks of those who flourish, no matter what your current circumstances.

Your Dauntless + Delicious Infusion is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.  It’s 90 minutes of sassy collaboration:  an Infusion of strategy, wisdom, soulful sass, with a generous dollop of belly laughs and just plain fun!

It’s time!  (Grab your Infusion here.)

You’re Dauntless + Delicious Infusion is just what you need to plan the ultimate comeback story – it’s fast, smart, clear, and is guaranteed to get your one delicious life back on track.


You have to swim to stop drowning!  That’s what I realized after working with Jennifer.  Why do we fall prey to wallowing in the past rather than enjoying our here and now opportunities?!  It feels great to grab each day and live in the present. Thanks for the kick in the bottom! (Laura York.  Tampa, FL)


The Results You’ve Been Looking For!

We will break through the barriers that hold you back – no more depletion, confusion, and fear.

With respect to implementation, we’ll replace magical thinking with a realistic action plan that allows for the quirky vicissitudes of a woman’s life.

In other words, we’re going to create a place-holder for the unpredictable stuff that flares up and makes you quit on yourself.  And then, we’re going to deal with that part of you that allows for the quitting.

Your 90-minute Infusion is an investment of $295.

Here’s How it Works and the Outcomes You Can Expect:

  • Grab a date from my automated calendar and download your Infusion Prepbook.  Complete it and send it back to me AT LEAST two days before we meet.  Chitchat is fun but it’s not what you’re paying me for.  You identify what you want and need.  I deliver the goods.
  • I do my homework – I immerse myself in your Prepbook.  I become an expert in what makes you tick – thrive, and shine!  I read between the lines, too – I’m going to meet you at your TRUEST TRUTH so don’t bother putting a spin on anything.
  • Outcome:  We meet for 90-minutes. This is the fun part!!  We get to your heart of hearts – the part where the “Delicious” lives.  You may not even know what’s there yet.  That’s okay.  I can find my way in.
  • Outcome:  Then, we knock down the barriers (or go around them) between you and your dream.  That’s the “Dauntless” part – and I’m ESPECIALLY good at that.
  • Outcome:  I lovingly challenge your assumptions, provide a spiritual tap upside the head if needed, make you laugh at yourself, and generally slay all the dragons you’ve unconsciously put in place between how you currently live and how you are meant to FLOURISH.
  • Outcome:  We create a workable strategy to IMPLEMENT the plan that will transform your life from flavorless to delicious.
  • Outcome:  You receive a recording of the call within 24 hours so you can relax during our call and just be PRESENT.  You don’t have to remember ANYTHING!


To spare us both, please read this next part REALLY carefully:

The Dauntless + Delicious Infusion is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You have a victim or martyred mentality – (however it IS for you if you have suffered from one of these afflictions but are ready to try something different.)
  • You give lip service to your dream or are invested in fortifying your barriers to change – In other words, you’re the kind of woman who says, “Yes, but . . .” or thinks your case is so special that you can’t hear anything that challenges your assumptions.
  • You are opposed to laughing at your bad self.


On the other hand, you are IDEAL for this program if:

  • You’re serious about making true and lasting change.
  • You OWN yourself – all of you – or at least you’re willing to give it a shot.  In other words, you’re not into blaming others for the choices you make.  (By the way, blaming often comes from a lack of self-love.  We can address that!)
  • You want to live your BREAKTHROUGH – not just talk about it (ad nauseum).

Oh, and one more thing — the Dauntless + Delicious Infusion will work for you even if you still use tampons.  (You’d be surprised how often I get that question!)

Book your D+D Infusion here and let’s get jamming!!

Still unsure?  How about a 100% Unconditional Guarantee? I aspire to completely thrill and delight my beautiful clients. I want you to feel absolutely crazy mad happy about working with me!  (And I want you to send all your friends my way, too.)

So, if, at the end of your Infusion, you aren’t thrilled, say so before we hang up.  I’ll either make it right, or refund your full investment.  NO questions asked.

Oh, one more thing — once you’re on my calendar, I consider that a “hard commitment.”  That means that, barring something outlandishly outlandish, that is the time we set aside for each other and it doesn’t change.

Here’s why:  I honor and value my own time.  I also honor and lovingly nudge you to keep the promises you make to yourself.  There will always be situations that will tempt you to postpone or give up on your commitment to self – sick kids, crisis at work, stuff like that there.  We need to develop the skill-set of interweaving our own needs with what we so generously give to others.

And I’m going to hold you to that.  Because it’s ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to your success!

You are GOING to see results.  But you have to play to win. And that means we show up for ourselves!

It continues to be my great thrill to get to watch your lives transform.  I can’t wait to go deeper with you — to help you break through the fear that holds you back from your One Delicious Life!

If you are READY to give yourself a turn, I am more than ready to help you make it happen!

Get your own Dauntless + Delicious Infusion party started here!


photo: flickr, Aih

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  1. Kelly says:

    LOVE this, Jen. Such a totally personal, refreshingly honest and no-holds-barred way to transform and transcend. I love the 1-on-1 time with [beautiful] YOU, and the recording/not having to take notes when you’re in the moment is the perfect icing.

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