Because Punctuation is Spiritual: God, bless America.

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God, bless America.

I added the comma and the lowercase “b” because, without them, it seems like we are making a demand of god, rather than approaching god with the humility of a people who have already received so much.

In my case, I also use the lowercase “g” because I personally honor the best of all faiths; and, because of my good fortune to be an American, it is not only my Constitutional right to believe this, but also to add voice to my belief.

Imagine that!

Now that I think of it, god, I don’t need any more blessings. (click to tweet)

I’m all set here.

Please pass by me today, and move right on to others with real needs.

I am so very grateful to both god and country for the undeserved grace I have received for no reason other than the ridiculously random place of my birth.

We are so very fortunate, my good people. It seems ridiculous that, in times of stress, it is so easy to forget that.

So, today, as we rightfully express our pride in this great nation, let us remember with humble appreciation that god has already blessed America.

And then, as individuals and as a nation, let us do what we ought with this blessing:

Pass. It. On.

photo: flickr, lotherington

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5 Responses to Because Punctuation is Spiritual: God, bless America.

  1. Marie says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful posting this morning. You are so right in that we forget how blessed we are already. I love your idea of passing it on. Take care.

  2. Dinah says:

    In our MeMeMe world, you point out that we seldom look closely at our own lives to see what we are truly blessed with each day. Thank You for reminding me to be present and aware.

  3. Gladys says:

    You have so eloquently reminded us just how fortunate we are. In the hustle and bustle world we live in, it’s so easy to forget that we are blessed beyond measure. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. Hi Jennifer.

    Today I had a similar reflection and wrote a blog post about it. We take for granted how amazing it is that we have the freedom to do the simplest things. We also forget that here in American that freedom was denied many of us until we demanded it.

    Thanks for reminding us that we’re indeed blessed.

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