Kids. Adulting. Kinda.


I cried at supper last night.
Cause I’m worried about the kids.
Who are all “adulting.”

Sort of.

They’re trying. But stuff needs to happen while they still have insurance and, of course, that stuff doesn’t seem to be so important until AFTER the insurance goes away and they have to take care of stuff and now it’s super expensive.

Or they are trying to become drivers but nobody will really study the motor vehicle administration site and so there is trip after trip to get this thing done.

And I don’t wipe metaphorical butts anymore and that means I let them fall and I let them fail.

And then I sit at the supper table and cry.
Over the Thai chicken peanut satay.

What’s new in your world?

Love, Jen

photo: Paul Inkles

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2 Responses to Kids. Adulting. Kinda.

  1. Mary Koppel says:

    Ah – so very sorry to read this. And I so very much understand. A wise friend once told me that we are only as happy as our least happy child – so there’s that.
    and then there’s that whole time change thing – because who doesn’t love it when its dark at 4 pm in Minnesota?

  2. Beth Hahn says:

    In addition to the gallons of tears, another sign of your kids adulting- biting your tongue (not saying something is the hardest part of motherhood!). They grow from it, and so do I.

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