When You’re Worried about Money


So, lately I’ve been worried about money. Cause that’s the next thing on the list, I suppose. And cause it’s Christmas and of course, the car needs stuff and the dogs need vet visits, and there’s the dentist and oral surgeon for one of the kids and another needs driving classes and marching band fees.

Then college tuition for one or two is due along with living expenses and I just got my first traffic ticket in 30-some years.

I know better than to worry about money. I know that what you do is you pray about it and then you get busy getting busy.

Selling stuff. Working for people. Applying for jobs.

You make stuff instead of buy it. You put off everything that isn’t necessary. You make soup because it “stretches.”

With respect to money, my experience is that “it” always works out. The way I know this is that my 55th birthday is just around the corner and I’m still here so stuff must always work out.

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it – some of those times have been just AWFUL. And, every time I get to this place I can’t help but wonder how I got to this place.

Of course, I KNOW how I got to this place it’s just that, even with the knowing, I’m always just a little surprised.

With respect to money, it’s time to get serious. As I mentioned, that 55th birthday is coming up and I can’t afford too much magical thinking about the future.

Cause I’m responsible for making it. Yes, I know “god’s in charge,” but he/she’s only gonna do for my what I can’t do for myself. And, there’s a whole lot of stuff I can do.

For one thing, I can practice gratitude. Cause, even with my current worry, I’m still in better circumstances than many many people.

I know this. And, oh how I feel for the world.

With respect to my business, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I didn’t know stuff about business, even though I did really really well in business school. For one thing, I didn’t know that I care more about making a difference than I do about making a living, so I’ve probably focused some on the “wrong” things.

But I’ve had a blast. I have LOVED writing and working for Beautiful You. And, looking back, I don’t know what I would change even if I could.

It’s just that I need to be smarter moving forward. I need to add in those retirement years. Oh, I haven’t been totally remiss with respect to planning, but it’s time to up-level my retirement game.

And make soup.

Yep. Lots and lots of soup.

Happy Holidays, Dearest Ones.

Love, Jen

photo: Thomas Galvez, flickr

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2 Responses to When You’re Worried about Money

  1. Chrystal Sain says:

    I feel ya! After 25 years in the same job, I voluntarily took a 25 % pay cut to do a job that makes me 100% more happy, makes me feel worthwhile and helps others as well. My husband and I have gotten through much tougher financial times, but I question almost everyday if I have hurt us too much financially. IT ALL WORKS OUT!! We make adjustments and learn to live a little differently. You make a difference to others (like me) and will continue to do great things. The other stuff just finds a way to work out. Stay strong!

  2. Oh yes! Financially impossible right now, with ex defaulting on child maintenance payments, and having been out of the workplace as a stay at home mom for c20 years, it’s really hard. Had another interview yesterday and was told AGAIN that I am overqualified for the job. Tried to explain without crying that I will do anything to get back in and to pay my bills and feed my kids, but that just makes me overqualified AND needy. Trying not to despair in the run up to Christmas.
    My blog is supposed to be about my shift, but so far I don’t seem to have shifted very far in the right direction!
    Even my soup (and I’m with you on soup) is unaffordable in the current regime. Knowing there is so much of it about (financial difficulties, not soup) is a bittersweet comfort, but it is always good to read your posts, Jen, which so often mirror my own thoughts.

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