Becoming a Warrior of Hope


The world feels completely bat-shit crazy right now.
Cause it kinda completely is.

If you’re going to survive the crisis — and you are, my love — you are going to have to fiercely protect the pathway to your heart.

Here’s what makes that tricky: most of us want to DO something about the somethings around us.

Here’s what makes that tricky: on a global scale, most of us don’t have any power to effect change.

Here’s what makes that tricky: we know it. And yet, we still FEEL it.

In times of crisis, it’s helpful to revert to the basics: supper, loving exchanges with whomever we meet, giving where and when we can, and LETTING GO of those damn things we cannot change.

Which are legion, by the way.

Here’s what makes that tricky: not everyone around us believes in approaching life the same way we do. And, as we already know, the world is completely bat-shit crazy right now.

So, even if you have healthy coping practices, you are gonna face an almost continual assault by those who don’t.

And here’s what makes that tricky: we actually LOVE some of those people.

And so, they have access – proximal access to our hearts.

But remember, you’re protecting your heart from harm.

So, at the same time you are pouring love out of your heart, you have to close access to the deepest regions of your heart lest others who don’t intend to cause actual harm.

But here’s the thing, love: Hope REQUIRES us to feel the love and reject the fear.

So you’re gonna have to surround yourself with Warriors of Hope. (That’s “warrior” – NOT “worrier.”

Worry never ends well. Those who invest in it don’t understand the value of spiritual muscle. They are, ironically and unintentionally,  “hope rejectors.”

We can love them. But we need to think twice before we let them stomp around on all those tender parts.

I know, I know.
That’s tricky.

Love, Jen

photo: flickr, Kate Ter Haar

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One Response to Becoming a Warrior of Hope

  1. Cristina says:

    I read your posts and wonder how you manage to be so bang on so many of the times! It’s like you read my heart… thank you for speaking it out loud.

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