What Futility Looks Like


Making cookies at Casa Jen:
First the dog ate the pound of butter coming to room temp on the counter (with wrappers).
Then the dog puked everywhere all day.
Cleaned up puke.
Cleaned up puke.
Cleaned up puke.
Then made cookies.

Then dog ate the cookies.

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2 Responses to What Futility Looks Like

  1. Hahaha – love this so much, still crying with laughter!

    And to think: only today I was feeling sad about not having a dog, and thinking again about getting one. Thanks Jen. Sorry about the cookies and the puke, but you have given somebody in London a great belly laugh. Thank you.

  2. Sue says:

    Oh, THAT’s hilarious! Ours once ate (cooled) cookies off the counter in a perfect semicircle. We caught him, paws on a drawer handle for balance, head lying sideways on the counter, tongue out, sweeping up every morsel he could reach . . . like a broom.

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