If the last time you thought about your own life someone was crawling out of your uterus, we should probably talk.

Let Me Start with Making a Wild-Ass Guess or Two

I’m guessing that the reason you are here is because something is missing. And that something has more to do with the Big Dream – Your Secret Calling — than the Big Obligations you have been honorably fulfilling for nigh on a couple of decades now.

Is a small, yet persistently annoying voice calling you home to yourself from the back of your lizard brain? Not sure?

Maybe this will help: Did the “voice” begin as just a whisper of dissatisfaction or vapor of emptiness? Have you gradually become aware that the things that used to bring you joy are now falling flat?

Or, perhaps, some of the following describes your situation:

  • You have suffered some big loss and are clawing your way back up to the surface;
  • The economy has kicked your ass, and you’re road weary;
  • Your kids are moving out and on. This is both effing AMAZING and horribly sad;
  • You accidentally looked in the mirror wearing your Progressive Lenses and were horrified to discover a whisker or two on your double chin (Damn! How long have THOSE been there?);
  • You’re caring for people from generations both ahead of you and behind you and you’re exhausted;
  • Your belly ring is in danger of suffocation by belly fat; your belt keeps pinching your muffin top;
  • You’re afraid you’re going to die before you’ve had a chance to really live!

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Or read on about our Life After Tampons Mini-Movement — we’re a kick-ass Wisdom Circle!    

Our Mini-Movement – It’s Not Your Mother’s Menopause

If any of these scenarios describes your life situation, you may feel alone – but you aren’t. While the changes that are common at midlife can easily make you feel isolated, the demographics say otherwise.

Women at midlife are the largest segment of our society. In my view, that gives us an amazing kick ass opportunity — the opportunity to create a new Mini-Movement dedicated to building some positive buzz about Midlife.  


What if Crone-Making Was Sexy?


Why can’t this be the best time of our lives?

Let’s absolutely INSIST on enjoying life. Whether you are on the countdown to Empty Nest or already fully ensconced in your new roomier Child +/or Career-Free Aviary, I invite you to become part of a Mini-Movement of women who are crafting amazing Second (or Third) Journeys for themselves.    

Who are we?     Well, we’re who we were when we were younger – only better.  

We’re clever, irreverent women who, at MidLife, embrace a new vision of possibility for the years ahead. We’re hot, we have a sense of humor, and we own our strengths as well as our shortcomings and are done apologizing for ourselves and the choices we have or haven’t made.   

While we may love our families fiercely, we recognize that we have unique gifts to offer as women separate from the people we love. We embrace and welcome this period of time and space to do so.    

Yes, it is true that there are dreams that we once had that are no longer possible. Youth makes some things possible that aging denies.

But the extra years have brought the wisdom and focus that allows us to fulfill our Manifest Destiny as remarkably vibrant, creative women.   The very troubling (at first) idea that so much time has already gone by provides the Kick in the Ass we need to make those changes NOW!      

There just isn’t time to postpone our own dream any longer!    

Shhh! Hear that?  

Tick. Tick. Tick.  

That is the sound of your life, MY LIFE, spilling out in unchecked and irretrievable heartbeats.

There JUST ISN’T TIME anymore . . . To regret the past . . . To be unhappy . . . To postpone joy . . . .   THE End is NOT to be feared. Not living — not loving — in the time we have – THAT is what we should fear! 

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We accept that our time here is both limited and unknown. And rather than fearing or avoiding that fact, we embrace our own mortality. We see it as a “hard stop” that holds our feet to the fire and graces us with powerful fear-removing mojo.

We get that finitude is the GIFT that extracts what is most precious in life. We’re jazzed about that opportunity, and we’re not WASTING ANOTHER MOMENT postponing joy.

Nope, not even that moment right there!


Making Peace with the Last Call at the Last Chance Café

There is only so much (unknown) time between Life after Tampons and Life WITH Depends. Let’s make the most of these absorbent-free years and embrace our own Big Dream.

This is where you commit to taking a turn in your own beautiful  life.  I’ll send you free updates.  (Don’t worry, we’re not gonna stalk you.  We really just want to be of service.  Besides, we’re too busy living our own dreams to harass other folks.)