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My Last Fat Summer, and Hello Again, Beautiful You!

So a few years back, okay, so maybe SEVEN years ago, I was super thin and super cute. And then life happened. I got happy and got married, and being married to an Italian is no picnic. Nope. It’s all … Continue reading

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With Deepest Thanks. Adieu.

Dearest One, With deepest appreciation I extend my deepest thanks for all that you have given to me these past five years. You’ve given me your attention. You’ve given me your truest hopes. You’ve given me the depth of your … Continue reading

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What Futility Looks Like

Making cookies at Casa Jen: First the dog ate the pound of butter coming to room temp on the counter (with wrappers). Then the dog puked everywhere all day. Cleaned up puke. Cleaned up puke. Cleaned up puke. Then made … Continue reading

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Becoming a Warrior of Hope

The world feels completely bat-shit crazy right now. Cause it kinda completely is. If you’re going to survive the crisis — and you are, my love — you are going to have to fiercely protect the pathway to your heart. … Continue reading

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