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Avert Your Gaze. I’m About to Show My Ass. (by Carol Fant)

Note from Jen: Today we have a real treat — a guest post from writer Carol Fant of One Brave Cowgirl, a site dedicated to helping those who care for loved ones with dementia. Carol’s work is all about finding … Continue reading

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The Midlife Debutante and The Instigator Experience

I hope you’ll be patient with me for just a sec. I’m gonna kinda sorta talk about Beautiful Me for just a moment and then I’m gonna swing over to you and bring us all together in a great big … Continue reading

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41 Years After My Father’s Funeral: Forgiveness

This past weekend I finally had the opportunity to introduce my children to some members of my father’s family. Although we all live within an easy drive of each other, this little reunion took decades to happen. The family drama … Continue reading

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In Case People Yank Your Chain

So, lately I’ve noticed how often the outside world yanks my chain. This is particularly true when people around me are stressed, angry, and anxious. When I was growing up, I was the kid that was always hyper-aware of what … Continue reading

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