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The Gift that Should Have Killed Me

“24 Years. 364 Days. Today. Just for today.”   That was one of my first thoughts upon awakening this morning. You see, I am an alcoholic. Fortunately, I’m the kind of alcoholic who no longer drinks. Well, at least I’m … Continue reading

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Love Yourself Like It’s Nobody’s Business

Cause it isn’t. Anybody else’s business, that is. Loving yourself is YOUR business. And, while certainly we can and are loved by other people, ultimately only we can be responsible for the love that comes and goes in our one beautiful … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Blinking Cursor

I’ve got a blinking cursor cursing before me. It’s patiently waiting for me. To move it across the page. I’m pretty sure my cursor works out. It never takes a break. Not only that, but it blinks in perfect time … Continue reading

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Great Expectations Set You Up to Fail

The other day, one of our Reclaim the Sass challengers shared with the group about a tough time she was going through in the last two weeks. Her father is ill and in the hospital and, obviously, she isn’t really feelin’ … Continue reading

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