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My New Job

Don’t freak out. I’m not going anywhere, sort of. What I am doing is stepping into bigger shoes. (A little scary, since I’ve worn a Size 10 since 5th grade!) Here’s the scoop: Two years ago, when I launched Life … Continue reading

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My Boy is Leaving

23 days. But who’s counting? Um. I am. Seventeen years, eleven months, and one day ago, God gave me the most precious gift of my life – again. Oh, it feels like five minutes ago that Avery Scott Williamson, my … Continue reading

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Okay, It’s Gone Too Far

  Okay, it’s gone too far. I simply cannot go this long without solitude.  If you’re game, let’s spend the day quietly together. Wherever you are, take a moment, take a deep breath in and then let it go. When … Continue reading

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Because Punctuation is Spiritual: God, bless America.

  God, bless America. I added the comma and the lowercase “b” because, without them, it seems like we are making a demand of god, rather than approaching god with the humility of a people who have already received so … Continue reading

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