Declusterfuckify Your Life — Virtual Summer Camp for LAT Readers!

Before you can create the life you want, you have to make space for it.  This Summer, while you sip on sweet tea by the pool, we are going to do exactly that.  

Announcing Summer Camp for Grown Up Women — and you don’t even have to sleep in a tent or risk mosquitoes or sunburn, cause you get to attend in the comfort of your own beautiful home!

This Summer we are going to make space for your Own Life as we


Declusterfuckify Your Life!

Yep, I completely made up a new word.  But I think you get it.

If you are having trouble carving out CONSISTENT time and space for yourself, you probably feel like some parts of your life are a COMPLETE CLUSTERF_CK.

That means that everything is running together in a non-stop run-on sentence of responsibility after responsibility with a whole of chores in between.

You aren’t going to be unable to un-knot yourself, your life, and your schedule all by yourself.  If you could have done this by now, you would have!

You need training, support, accountability, strategy — and you need it delivered in a package of Joyful Fun.  Cause none of us need anymore drudgery.

When you join your fellow campers, you will learn how to Declusterfuckify Your Life in SEVEN IMPORTANT WAYS:

Here’s a bit about the seven modules:

Module 1: Permission
Hands down – in all the years I’ve been helping women create amazing Second Journeys, the BIGGEST barrier to change is ALWAYS within the woman herself.  We are our own worst enemy.  Many women sense this, but don’t know how to overcome this problem – and, honestly love, it is the biggest problem there is.  So, in Module 1, I show you how to master your own internal demons.

Module 2:  Tribe
Immediately following the “problem of self” is the problem of isolation.  One reason so many women fail at midlife redesign is because they don’t have a league of champions.  (I’m not talking about family who love you.  That’s nice.  But it’s not the same thing as having a TRIBE of other women who are all working together to create their own “Uniquely You” journey.  In Module 2, I teach you how to do this.  (And, for those who register for the Collaborator or Strategist level of Summer Camp, you will find that within our private Facebook community.)

Module 3:  Spiritual
I don’t want to step on any religious toes here, so please let me assure you that I am NOT talking about religious views in this module.  Module 3 is all about creating a connection to Source.  You need to find a way to renew, recapture, and reinvigorate your sense of aliveness and creativity.  This module is so incredibly exciting because it is all about opening your heart to receiving a limitless supply of inspiration and purpose.  This module is especially important to those women who have a history of over-functioning.  In other words, do you live more like a human DOING than a human BEING?

Module 4:  Time
Here we’re going to begin to rightly relate to our calendars.  Most women simply don’t know how to carve out the time they need to make something new happen.  This was a BIG problem for me, and I am so excited to share with you the simple –INGENIOUSLY SIMPLE – approach I discovered.  You are going to LOVE this session!

Module 5:  Relationships
Here we deal with one of the biggest bugaboos I hear about – FEAR.  Once we start our walk together, you are likely to hit up against some “push back” from other folks.  The darnedest thing is that some of these folks are “supposed” to be in our camp.  These are often the people closest to us.  See, when you hit this problem, it’s almost always about your fear brushing up against the fear of someone you care about.  And that’s when sparks fly.  I’m going to teach you some very simply methods for dealing with the push back that sometimes comes when you start to transform into the truer version of yourself.  (This MODULE is CRITICAL to your ongoing success.  Otherwise, instead of champions, you surround yourself with saboteurs.  Or else, you become your own saboteur, because you fear the reaction of those you love.)

Module 6: Financing Your Dream
You hardly ever hear anyone talk about this in an honest and enlightened way, but we have to make financial space for our Uniquely Ours work.   We need training and leadership.  We may need art supplies and classes and even coaching.  At the same time, most of us haven’t made a regular practice of investing in our own talents.  In Module 6, I show you how to begin this process of setting aside resources for yourself.  Hint:  This “problem” almost invariably reflects the “problem” that we work on in Module 1.

Module 7:  Pulling It All Together
In Module 7, we bring all the pieces together and create a holistic plan for how to move forward.  After we create (and PROTECT) the space we need, we then have a placeholder to contain the Uniquely You life you want but can’t quite imagine yet.  It’s okay if you aren’t completely clear about what you want.  Clarity comes as we commit to the process.


The Spiritual Tools that Allow You to

Declusterfuckifying Your Life

Last week, I shared with you the seven steps needed to align how you spend your time with what matters most.  As a review, those 7 Steps will help you develop these KEY spiritual tools:   Clarity.  Alignment.  Acceptance.  Joy.  Awareness.  Fearlessness.

Here’s a brief reminder of what we covered:

1. Make space for change

2. Inventory the “exact nature” of your current clusterfluck

3. Match how you spend your time with what matters most

4. Make nonnegotiable appointments for the time you “lose” because you are an actual person. (We sometimes call these things procrastination, depression, anxiety, frustration, sorrow, disappointment.)  In other words, we calendar IN our character defects (This is the STEP that nobody teaches you.  But it is ESSENTIAL for women like us.)

5. Go and live your actual life for a bit

6. Notice which choices bring you more joy and which bring you less

7. Grow a pair and adjust your choices accordingly

BONUS:  We’re going to work with these tools as well!


Ready to Declusterfuckify Your Life?

Here’s How to Register for Summer Camp

When: The fun begins the week of July 8th.

What: We send one module a week.  You work on each at your own pace, so there’s no worrying about meshing your schedule with anyone but Beautiful You.

The Format:  Choose from three different options:

Option 1:  Self-Study

Who: For women who have a PROVEN history of success at “going at it alone”

Option 2: Collaborators (Support and Accountability Included)

Who: For women who value working with each other so that everyone grows

Option 3:  Strategists (Everything Else PLUS Private Work with Jen Time)

Who: For women who can’t afford a “do over.”  They want and NEED to get there the quickest

Questions, Concerns, Pushback,

and Other Excuses

1. But, I’m going on vacation . . . am swamped at work . . . have to drive kids all over hell and back this summer

  • Everything is recorded, so you can listen to stuff when it best suits you
  • When is it ever a good time to do something for you?
  • How “perfect” do conditions have to be?  (um, are you making excuses?)
  • If you don’t commit to yourself, you don’t get to whine about stuff anymore

2. Who are YOU to teach this?

I’m a woman who has been where you are.  But I suffered for 20 LONG years knowing what I was “supposed” to do, but failing miserably (or so I thought) at carrying it out.  I finally cracked the code on how to “manifest” this Big Dream — thing and some of what I learned is COMPLETELY OPPOSITE TO WHAT the standard teachers teach.  They left something important out.  My HUMANITY!

I made the next year of my life a HUMAN lab for figuring this thing out.  I’ve made all the mistakes for you.  So, I can help you skip some of those roadblocks, false starts, and miscues that waste your time and money.

Just one year later, I am well on my way to creating my life’s work.  Life After Tampons is a global community of women from 147 countries.  Thousands of women are working — right now — on their very own midlife reinvention journeys and I am THRILLED to be part of that.  I want to help you, too.

3. Okay, I like you, Jen, but will I get results?

Depends on you, babe.  Will you show up for yourself?  Will you do the work? I’ve included some testimonials from other clients who are already well on their way. Take a look below.

4. How do I get started?

Register below.  Please take a leap of faith in yourself and join us.  By the end of the summer, you could be well on your way to being completely DELIGHTED with your One Beautiful Life.


Click THESE links to Register 

Option 1:  Self-Study ($197) This link asks you to create a user name and password to access course materials once we begin.  Then, you will be directed to PayPal to complete your registration.

Option 2:  Collaborators ($297)  This link asks you to create a user name and password to access course materials once we begin.  Then, you will be directed to PayPal to complete your registration.

Option 3:  Strategists ($497)  This link asks you to create a user name and password to access course materials once we begin.  Then, you will be directed to PayPal to complete your registration.

In Case You Have Trust Issues —

Here’s Your Guarantee!

I have a 100% client delight policy. What that means to you is this:  If you are not really convinced you will make important progress within 48-hours of the start of the workshop, I will refund your investment (less that annoying registration fee they charge.)  Just email my assistant, shea@lifeaftertampons, and she will take care of it.

After that, though, YOU’RE IN IT TO WIN IT, love!

Curious about Others I’ve Helped?

Carol FantCarol Fant:   I knew I was going to get results when Jennifer made me burst out laughing, for the first time in over 30 years, about an event from my past I have effectively used for decades as confirmation I wasn’t worthy of my highest creative self. 

NONSENSE!  That act of laughing and looking at it honestly and openly cracked something open in me.  So it you’re thinking you’ve done all sorts of work and how is Jennifer going to help you do anything differently– trust me, it can happen. You owe it to yourself to try.  Jennifer will give you directions to your dreams.

Lee Pope:   As a result of this workshop, I now have cleared out the past that was lingering around, tripping me up and cluttering my environment.  I am ready to move forward. 

Andrea Miller:  As a result of this workshop, I have hit the “reset” button and am starting on the comeback path.  Jennifer’s guidance helped me move out of a state of overwhelm into a place of more clarity and together we put an action plan into place that felt very do-able.

Cindy BertautCindy Bertaut:  The workshop had the feeling of a good coffee kibitz but also kept pushing me to see more of the positive in myself, and recognizing the possible. Jennifer’s one-on-one was a real bonus, and woke me up from habits I was clinging to that hadn’t been serving me for years.


So, that’s it, love.  I hope that you will join us.  It’s really REALLY time to take that turn in your own life.  And here’s where you do it:

Click THESE links to Register

Option 1:  Self-Study ($197) This link asks you to create a user name and password to access course materials once we begin.  Then, you will be directed to PayPal to complete your registration.

Option 2:  Collaborators ($297)  This link asks you to create a user name and password to access course materials once we begin.  Then, you will be directed to PayPal to complete your registration.

Option 3:  Strategists ($497)  This link asks you to create a user name and password to access course materials once we begin.  Then, you will be directed to PayPal to complete your registration.

Thank you for allowing me to serve.  I’ll see you at the workshop.

Love, Jen

P.S.  After you register, head out to get your s’mores makings!

P.P.S.  Don’t Wait.  Register NOW!  You’ll thank me for kicking your ass.

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    I so want to do this. Just because of the name.

  3. Mary says:

    Congrats on your front page article on HuffPo, it led me here and your offering looks amazing. Good luck girl!!

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  5. Nancy says:

    I am in need of a change. As I anticipate getting my doctorate and my Medicare card in the same year, I think ‘then what?’. I am still alone. Is that important? While I am happy with myself, I do get lonely. I haven’t been able to come to grips with this emotion. A community would be good. Thanks for being here.

  6. Mollie says:


    Something led me to you, but being unemployed is part of my clusterfuck I’m currently living in and can’t afford to cough up the $197 at this point. However, I am in the process of making changes so hopefully am also in the process of Declusterfuckifying!!


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