My Creds (In Case You Have Trust Issues)


Some of the things that make my mother proud:

  • High School Flute — First Chair, oh, and college, too.  Music saved me.
  • Graduate Degree — My graduate writing professor, who won the Pulitzer Prize, said I was the “most gifted student writer he had ever taught,” so of course I didn’t put pen to paper again for 10 YEARS!  Wanna chat about fear of failure?
  • Tootsie Roll Clean Stick Award — 5th grade, I know how many licks it takes to get to that center!
  • Undergrad — First in my Marketing Graduating Class.  Disclaimer — I’m more scrapper than smart.  I just REFUSE to fail.
  • 25+ years — Branding, sales, marketing leadership.  First at everything, eventually — at least temporarily, until someone else sold more.  Remember, I’m more of a scrapper than anything else.
  • Mother of 6 Sons — Three of them came from my actual uterus.  The other three are grown and on loan from their mother — but mostly at supper time.  (No, we’re not “just like the Brady Bunch.”  Because I’m Alice.  There is no Carol.)  And my husband (though ironically named “Mike”), is more “Sam, the Butcher”.
  • . . . and one daughter — Grace, who died.
  • International Speaker and Writer — Well, Canada and Costa Rica and the US, so far.  But that counts, right?
  • Published in lots of places — The Washington Post and NYT Most Notable anthology, Kay Allenbaugh’s, Chocolate for a Woman’s Blessings.
  • OVER TWO DECADES — of constant, DAILY, prayerful STUDY and WORK and RECOVERY around issues of — addiction, bereavement, loss, and the Triumph of the Human Spirit (in fact, I have an M.A. in that).
  • (Please don’t tell me ‘I just don’t understand.’  That just chaps my butt!)


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Love, Jennifer



6 Responses to My Creds (In Case You Have Trust Issues)

  1. I absolutely LOVE your sense of humor and SASS! You’re amazingly inspirational and full of witt! Oh and thank goodness I have trust issues… which lead me to this page! LOL… Can you live in this world almost half a century without having trust issues? I’m working on the rest of the story now as an empty nester with no more tampons and my only son off to do his own thing now (well sort of) except when he needs my checkbook or credit cards…ha~! I look forward to following you. I’m contemplating going back to school to see if you really can teach an old dog new tricks…as it appears I need that grad degree to be tak’n seriously even though I have about 20+ years experience in human services/counseling, etc. I’m an addiction counselor. Again, thank you for this awesome site and keep dolling out the humor insight and inspiration. Much love, Blessings to you.

  2. Kate says:

    It’s not *you* I would have trust issues with, puh-lease. It’s with the whole concept of hope.

    • Jennifer says:

      Dearest Beautiful Kate. If you have trouble with the concept of “hope,” then I suggest you look at your relationship to SELF-TRUST and also the conundrum of Spiritual Belief in the face of loss and adversity. When my daughter died, I had to make peace with my Higher Power. I now see that I had misunderstood so much abou Spirit. All you need to do today is to open your heart just a bit and ask Spirit to show you the next right step. Also, we have a Summer Camp coming up that will help. email me for more info.


  3. Jane Weaver says:

    I too am a bereaved mother of a precious daughter – she left us 2 years ago this past week. Having signed up for your emails just today, I’m very intrigued to hear what you have to say about being positive in the face of grief and adversity. It is what I practice AND what I preach. I’m sure I can use some ideas to keep up my momentum! Thanks.

    • Jennifer says:

      Jane, I am so sorry for your loss. Go and grab a copy of my book, Breakthrough. Click on the cover image that is in the upper right sidebar. It will give you some ideas. (Plus, it’s FREE.) I also recommend my new program, Your Midlife Insurrection.

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