My Dream Job Just Came True!

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So, I’ve been looking for a job – well, actually, and completely unrealistically, I’ve been looking for THE job – for the last few months.

But it came, it came, it came!

Five offers in, I’ve found the one I LOVE.

I’d like to introduce you to Monica Shah, my Money and Business Coach, my mentor, and NOW MY BOSS!!!!

I’m so excited to work with Monica’s team! Along with my new colleague, the extraordinary Pamela Rodriguez, I am thrilled to open a new area of Monica’s business devoted to growth.

Basically, I’ll be helping entrepreneurs make their dreams come true!

This job has everything I LOVE about business – Making friends. Learning about them and their businesses and, when needed, helping them find the training, support and community they need. Speaking. Teaching. Writing – the whole SHEbang!

And here’s another cool thing – the job is in NYC, so I get to go up there every single month. Think Action. People!!! Broadway. Great Food. Great Colleagues.

And there’s more travel — but not too much — cause Monica takes her show on the road!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I am DEEPLY blessed.

And here’s another cool part – the job FREES ME UP so I can finish that book proposal that an actual legitimate bona fide New York City PUBLISHER is waiting to receive from Beautiful Me.

So we get a BOOK people!!!!!!

And I get to keep you, my Great Loves.

I’m beyond happy (but not too far, cause that would be whacky.)
This feels so right. I can’t believe that this is where I have been led.

And I want to thank you – all of you Beautiful You’s – who have been supporting me, loving me, praying for me, cheering for me, and all of that for all of these past few forevers.

Thank you.

With love and mad gratitude,


P.S. If you are an entrepreneur or want to run your own business, let’s set up a time to talk. I’m GREAT with strategy. Send me a quick note:

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The Mentalpause of Menopause — Part 2



So, last night I got locked out of the house.
At one in the morning.

Everyone was away for the night.
Except the dogs.
Who were being watched by a sitter.
Who wasn’t there.

Now, we live in the PITCH BLACK forest in a little tree house. Our lot is rocky and hilly, but I made my way around to the back in my heels dodging dog doo at 1:15 in the morning to see if the back door was open.


So, I made my way in the PITCH BLACK night back around the house and up the back stairs (in heels) to see if the kitchen door was open.


I could see the dogs. And they could see me. But that was the best we were going to do.

So, I made my way back up the rocky ledge to the front of the house in heels in PITCH BLACK night dodging the dog poo to see if the garage doors were unlocked.


Now, we have a code for the doors. But I don’t know it. We inherited all this “security” from the previous owner.

But I thought my kids might know it because I’ve seen them use it before.

So, for the first and ever and ONLY time in my motherhood career, I texted my kids at what was now 1:30 in the morning. I woke them up to see if they knew the code.


So I tried calling my husband who was out of town to see if there was a key hidden somewhere or if he could help me with the code, but he didn’t answer, so


So, I went and sat in the car in the driveway on our PITCH BLACK lot and thought, “This isn’t so bad. Perhaps I can just hang out here until the morning when the dog sitter comes back and the coffee shop opens.”

But then I thought, “I’ll go to a friend’s house” and so I texted a few to see if they were up.


So then, an hour after arriving home in the PITCH BLACK night as I sat in the car and thought about my predicament, and just as I was thinking I might go to a hotel, I looked up and to the right and guess what I saw hanging on the passenger’s visor –-



Honestly, you can’t make this shit up. #lovingmidlifebrainfog

Love, Jen

photo: flickr, pug50

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A New Day Has Begun


So, a new day has begun.

As you know, it was a crazy rough winter for me – the third in a row (perhaps I will check out that light box everybody’s talking about.)

But a new day has begun.

I’m at a coffee shop in NYC and I’m getting ready to go help someone with their business in a bit. The sun is shining, the music is mellow and gorgeous, and all is well with the world again.

Thank heavens.

The thing about depression is that it’s so hard to remember when you’re in it that a new day is coming. After childbirth, you only have a vague memory of the pain. With depression, it’s just the opposite – you only have a vague memory of the joy.

But a new day has begun.

And it is a joyful one.

This is a calm, measured joy. I’m not waiting for the other shoe to drop – I think that has already happened.

And I am very, very sober. I have a new and profound respect for my body today. My actions don’t always mirror that respect, but I have learned that I have got to make peace with the fact that what I put into my body matters.

When I eat junk, I feel like junk. When I eat well, I feel well, though not always on the same way. It’s kind of like Business Development – the actions you take today are for results you’re gonna get at some unknowable date in the future. But you’re GONNA get them. Yep.

Health is like that for me.

But a new day has begun.

And I want and need to remember not to forget to remember that I need to love on myself.

Midlife, for me, has been a somewhat brutal transition. A part of me believes that this last winter was more difficult for me than when my own child died.

The thing is, the death of a child gets you lots of support and love. Depression brings rejection – or at least abandonment.

It’s hard to watch other people suffer. We don’t know what to do with that. But I have had Beautiful You and you were there – with your love, your comments, your emails, your beautiful and gentle support.

And I love you for that.

Fortunately, a new day has begun.

And I am awakening with it.

If the night still prevails for Beautiful You, try and hold on to this idea – a new day is coming for you. It may not be today, but it is on its way.

In the meantime, be here. With us. Look for others in your circle who can love you and hold you until you feel rooted again.

Don’t give up.
It’s coming.
I promise.

Love, Jen


photo: flickr, axzomo

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Big Impact is Simply Small Impact Repeated


Mercifully, there has been a shift in the Universe and I’m feeling great again. At the same time, Big Things in my life are coming together, so that helps.

The thing about things is that they change. I knew that intellectually when I was at the pit of the pit this last winter.

But I didn’t “know it” in my soul.

If you are in trouble, it may upset you that you have lost connection with Spirit. But the thing is, love, you don’t have to know Spirit to know that you are safe.

You just need to show up. Even a tad helps, and, believe me, a tad is all I had to give most of these last few months.

You helped. Knowing you were there. Knowing that you were cheering me on. Knowing that you understood, and didn’t judge.

You were just there.

I want to be there for Beautiful You, too. I want this Project to continue to grow, to reach out to more women who need connection, to be of service to every heart that seeks love, devotion, growth, and hope.

It’s a grand vision. I know many of you hold a similar hope.

The thing is, hope without manifestation can lead to hopelessness. It’s hard to hold space for your Big Dream when life is eating you alive.

Just remember: Big Impact is simply Small Impact Repeated.

Baby steps. Small sips. Loose rules. Loving faith.

We’ll do it together.

With love,


photo: flickr, Eiren

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