And It’s a Boy — er, Girl — er, New Business


After a month of pushing and creating and writing and, okay a little panting and a LOT of sighing – it’s finally here.

I’d like to introduce you to The Soulful Entrepreneur (dot) Biz – a business I created to support organizations that change lives. It’s really just a home for the clients I already serve. I’m going to continue to create outstanding messaging and marketing campaigns for business people who want to show up and serve deeply.

You could say I aspire to be The Difference Maker to the Difference Makers.

We have a KILLER first article, a collection of Soulful Luminaries who are each weighing in on what it means to be a Soulful Marketer.

Please check it out HERE and be sure to get your copy of Seduction, too. (Just sign up in the form below the Blog Post.)

Again, here is your link: 21 Luminaries Get Soulful

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A Sabbatical with Jen: A Year toward Your Soulful Life














Sixteen years ago I took a trip that changed my life – a beautiful soulful capstone research and study program to complete my Masters thesis.

My topic was the study of the ancient practice of PILGRIMAGE. As part of the project, I wrote a paper about the history of pilgrimages and then I left two small children at home while I went on my own solo spiritual journey.

I’ll never forget that one of the boys was sick at the time.

But I had to go when I had to go because of University deadlines.

So, in tears, I headed off with my journal, my flute, and a couple of changes of clothes to southwest England where I explored Arthurian legend, crossed into the Mists of Avalon, sat with choirboys through Evensong, and compared and contrasted the stones of Avebury and Stonehenge.

I’ll never forget the day I “met” Stonehenge.

As our small travel van made its way to the stones and the immense upright masses that comprise Stonehenge appeared on the horizon, a voice spoke from inside me and said, “Mother, I’m home.”

To say it was a life-changing journey is an understatement.

I circled those stones, playing my flute on the Spring Equinox — Bach Sonatas and Amazing Grace in honor of my deceased daughter, Grace.

And I swore I would do it again.

But, nearly seventeen years have passed and, of course, I haven’t.

You know the reason why – Life Intervened.

Another baby, a surprise divorce with all the trimmings, work, single motherhood, blah blah blah blah blah.

And here we are together, all these years later.

But THIS YEAR – 2017 – I’m keeping my promise to myself. And I SO want to include Beautiful You!!!















Like me, you may be wondering how the heck we can orchestrate such a thing. So, I’ve really been canoodling how to make the whole thing work.

And then it dawned on me — we could take a (mostly) virtual journey, each in our own beautiful home towns. But then we’re gonna all get together in our FIRST EVER Life After Tampons RETREAT!!


So, here’s what I propose:

A Year just for Beautiful You and Beautiful Me — the Year of Our Lifetime!!!

* * * * *


Imagine . . .

What if we gave ourselves a whole year together. You, Me, and Our Higher Powers?

What if I were to support you on that journey, with DAILY steps and inspiration? With RITUAL and DEVOTIONS? With MONTHLY MEETINGS and an actual first time ever Life After Tampons RETREAT?

What if we were to take this journey together, each in our own land, but virtually and digitally together?

And then ACTUALLY MEET for several delicious soulful days in the beautiful town I call home – Historic Frederick, MD?


My Home Town!!!

My Home Town!!!


We begin on January 1st – no resolutions necessary except to enjoy the process with a tribe of beautiful like-minded women.

Each day I send you a beautifully crafted little missive — a day’s journey to consider and reflect.

And you do so in whatever way feels best. With Soulful Solitude. Or, with all the Group Support you want — cause we’re adding that in, too.


Here’s what the program includes:

  • 365 Daily Mini-Messages – a message sent to inspire and invite your work. (Don’t worry, you can’t get behind. If you miss a day or two we just keep on going.)


  • 12 Monthly Pilgrimage Themes – so your journey has a virtual path


  • 12 Monthly Q &A Calls – so we can BUILD COMMUNITY and check in with each other.  This is your chance to talk to me directly — I’m gonna be your guide, your fellow traveler, and your Coach for the journey!! 


  • An Exclusive Facebook Community – to share your process and build a tribe


  • A 2 ½ -day IN PERSON retreat in my home town (travel and hotel costs are extra).


Ready to Come With? Great! Here’s how to get started: Because this is such an important year, we are opening the Sabbatical by invitation, only.  Please go HERE and complete the brief application to join us.


Or, are you the kind of woman who wants to know more?

No worries, here you go —

Each month, we cover a different theme – if you read through them you’ll see there’s a definite forward momentum – we’re actually “going somewhere” with our work.


We’re going to take a deeper look at your unexamined life — all those changes that have come and gone these last few decades. And we are going to LIVE and THRIVE, and QUESTION, and GO DEEP.

And, we’re gonna play — with ritual, and song, and whatever else strikes our collective fancy.

Because we get a whole year, it will be a lovely beautiful unfolding process. And you’ll be joined on your “journey” by your fellow PILGRIMS — other Life After Tampons readers who’ve been part of our community all these years.

I can’t WAIT to meet you all.

* * * * *

Here are our monthly THEMES: 

January: Reclaim the Sass — Insurrection:  You’ve spent the last few decades making everyone else’s dreams come true. Now it’s your turn. But maybe you don’t know what that looks like or how to begin. I’d like to say it’s time to take this month to “fill the well,” and we will. But first, you gotta do one important thing – Overthrow Yourself – and get out of your own way.

February: Declusterfuckify Your Life — Order:  Now we turn our attention to the chaos that may have erupted in our own personal lives while we were caring for everyone else. Home. Finances. Time. We shift our attention from the drama of the outer world and restore order to our own.

March: Absolutely Flabulous — Wellness: Isn’t it ironic that, now that you finally have it all together, it all starts falling apart? Self-neglect truly becomes self-harm at this stage of the game. If we’re to enjoy the next stage of our lives we need to do what we can about what we can. It’s time to spend time with ourselves.

April: The Friendship Project — Community:  Whether you have life-long friends or have allowed yourself to drift into isolation, it’s time to focus on building a sustainable community that will support you as you stretch into your new life. It’s time to make time for sisterhood.

May: Petticoat Gumption — Fearlessness:  Here’s where we accept that there are more years behind us than in front of us. We can no longer allow fear to keep us from our truest dreams – there just isn’t time left to postpone joy. We step boldly into our future. We can do this because we’ve built the support and structure we need to succeed.

June: How to Think about How You Think — Mindset: Because everything about our lives originates in thought, it’s time for a “check up from the neck up.” Perspective, humor, gratitude, grace – our thoughts and attitudes about our lives make sustainable change possible. Oh, and this is important too – we accept that what we think about what others do or don’t do is no longer any of our business. I know, “ouch.”

July: Mattering Matters — Legacy: Maiden. Mother. Crone. We have moved into the Wisdom Years and it’s time to step into our own greatness and become the Wise Woman of the tribe. This is the time to see what matters most to us and then pay homage to that vision by directing our wisdom toward the betterment of generations to come. No matter who you are, no matter where you’ve been, you bring something that matters to the world. Let’s find that thing, and Make a Difference.

August: Find Yourself. You Already Know Where Everyone Else Is — Clarity: What is it that you really want to do? Don’t worry if you don’t have the first clue, that’s what this month’s work is all about. First we quiet the storm of the fear that time will run out before inspiration kicks in. We learn to build our new lives 24-hours at a time.

September: Craft Your Comeback — Right Action: Now we talk strategy. As we learn to take focused action on our bigger dreams we begin to see a shift toward all that is really possible. New hope rushes in to fill the void where pessimism used to live.

October: The Training Bra Blogs — Iteration: Guess what, Buttercup? You can drop that rock called “perfection.” Life After Tampons was actually my seventh business idea. Each one informed the next. We learn to hold loosely our ideas of where we think we want to go because each day delivers new information and strategy. We make room for change, and we embrace its wisdom as well.

November: Let It Glow — Forgiveness: Resentment. Bitterness. Lost opportunities. Regret. Shame. All of it – let it go. As we learn to forgive others, the universe, and ourselves, we receive the freedom and peace of mind that allows for delicious rest. Rest. And expansion. This is the ebb and flow of our new lives.

December: Women Who Rise — Flourish: We step into our future confident that we matter. We claim our true greatness and accept our new role as the Wise Woman of the World. This is the manifestation of what I call the Empty Next – possibility, peace, hope, and joy. We claim all of it. And then we pass it on, making room for even more to flow in.


Your Investment

Here’s where I’m supposed to insert a whole lot of marketing language asking you what you think it would be worth to change your life.

I’m not gonna do that. Cause you know what a changed life is worth – kinda sorta priceless if you’re not happy with the one you got.

And honestly, I can only promise that your beautiful life will only change to the extent that you want it to and are willing to work toward that goal.

I can promise you that I – and your new tribe of Soul Sisters – will be with you every step of the way.

So here’s your investment:

My private clients invest about $4500/quarter to work with me. And I’m able to offer this WHOLE YEAR for significantly less than HALF of that investment — just about $150 bucks a month.  (Payment plan available.)

That’s like a latte a day, people. Please don’t tell me you’re not worth a cup of coffee!!!

Here’s the thing, though. Registration is only open upon invitation.

Yep, you see the mixture of the group is so important, we’ve gotta meet before you sign up and make sure we’re all a fit.

So,you need to apply to join the group first.


Please go HERE and complete the brief application to be considered for the group.


Oh, and of course, we have BONUSES

Cause nobody loves a bonus more than I do!!!


BONUS #1  — For 1st 10 Registrants ONLY– ONE Extra Mastermind Day added to our Retreat – so your dream gets the special attention it deserves. You get your very own “Spotlight Session” where we give all the attention to you and your beautiful dream ($495 value) 

BONUS #2 — For EVERYONE who registers– Finish 2016 strong with the 90-day digital program – Your Midlife Insurrection. This hit program (offered for a thousand bucks last year) takes you through everything you need to do to “overthrow yourself” and get out of your own way. ($295 encore presentation)


So Here’s a REVIEW of All Your Pilgrimage Includes:


  • 365 Daily Mini-Messages (Value: $365)


  • 12 Monthly Themes (Value $120)


  • Coach with Jen — 12 Monthly Q &A Group Calls (Value $495)


  • Exclusive Facebook Community (Value $240)


  • A 2 ½ -day IN PERSON retreat. Travel expenses add’l) (Value $1295)


  • BONUS: MASTERMIND extra retreat day (for 1st TEN registrants ONLY) (Value $495)


  • BONUS: Your Midlife Insurrection e-Course (Value $295)


Have additional questions? Great! We’re gonna cover them in our applicant interview.  Please go HERE and complete the brief application. We’ll be in touch soon to schedule your phone interview.

Love, Jen

P.S. With the exception of this pilgrimage and its participants, Life After Tampons is going on hiatus for the year 2017. I want and need to devote this year to really making a difference to a devoted group of women who really want and need to see transformation in their lives. 






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Why LAT is Going Dark Soon


Spring Equinox. 1999

As the van crests the hill to the site a voice inside of my body exhales – “Mother, I’m Home.”

I was there for research – my Master’s Thesis and Final Project. And that day was a cornerstone day for me – the beginning of a new way of living.

There is more to that story, and I’m going to share it with you soon.
But the point is that your whole life can change in the Blink of an Eye.

Unfortunately, for that to happen, you kinda sorta have to wait for something to happen TO YOU.

What I’d like you to consider today is that you can engineer your own Life Redesign all on your own.

All it takes is a mission, a decision, a path, and, if you can find one – a tribe.

Some of you know that I’ve been working and working to bring a new labor of love into the world – a new way of showing up in life.

And I’m going to share it with you very soon.

But, for today, I’d like you to just consider the WHOLE of your life, and ask yourself these questions:

What’s working? What isn’t?
What changes can you bring to the party?
What kind of help do you need to make that happen?
What kind of support do you need to make that work?
Are you tired of “talking” about change, but never actually making one that sticks?
Is this your year??

Really, love – IS THIS YOUR YEAR?

It is for me. And it’s going to be for Life After Tampons.

Cause we’re kinda sorta completely going dark for a while. I need to have the space I share with you to create this new project.

But don’t worry, I’m still going to be here – just in a new capacity and just for those of you who really want to commit to change and to allow me to share that journey with you in a more meaningful way.

So, give some thought to it, if you can.

I’d love to share this next journey with you. Cause it’s all gonna change. In the blink of an eye, and then some.

More soon.

Love, Jen

photo: Flickr, super car road trip

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For No Reason at All


So this week, I thought I was sick. We went away last weekend, and it felt like there was this huge release of something that happened.

I hadn’t been away for nearly a year – except for work stuff.

Suddenly, I felt exhausted, unable to work at my normal pace. Full of aches and pains.

This morning, I’m accepting it. I fear that the depression is back. It’s that time of year. It tends to start in the early fall with just little tendrils of unwellness.

I tend to ignore them, soldier on. And then, gradually it gets me so that, by the time the darkness comes I’m swallowed whole.

I have a plan this year, though.

It’s called the Friendship Project. I’m meeting with a different friend every Wednesday and I’m taking trips to nice warm places.

And I’m gonna move more. But that is more aspiration than promise.

There’s not much more to say about it. I’m sorry I don’t have other news for you today. But pretending never works.

It’s so weird to be in this body and sit here at the coffee shop and look out from inside of me and see all these people having what looks like a normal experience and know that I’m pushing myself just to be out in the world.

And that, it could get worse.

I tell myself I can’t do it again. But, of course, I will.
Cause, children.
And, well, children.

And words and dreams and being there for others who need me and struggle more.

And, so, for no reason at all, I am where I am today.

And that’s enough for today.

Love, Jen

photo: flickr, Neal Fowler

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