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I speak, train + inspire audiences of corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, mommas, musicians, marketing mavens, sales whizkids, and anyone interested in mastering the art of accelerated reinvention.

I’m particularly attuned to audiences of mid-life, mid-career, mid-everything women.

Women who’ve turned down the volume on their dreams. Women who’ve sanitized their sorcery. Women who’ve slowly but surely rendered themselves invisible … but who secretly yearn for a second chance, a second act, and a second wave of MOJO. Before it’s too late.


When I’m on stage …

Expect: hot wordplay, classical flute metaphors, Masters-level insights into human development + spirituality, and the occasional F-bomb (that’s “FREEDOM,” by the way. Get your mind outta the gutter.)

I talk about GOD without dropping the G-word.
I talk about SEX without dropping the S-word.
And I talk about branding, marketing, the future of business + mid-life reinvention without boring my people to tears.


I could talk for days (or one highly-polished hour) on …

Tragedy.  Triumph. Lasting Legacy.  — how to create an achievable itinerary for your biggest challenge ever. And how to rally your tribe, your peers (and even your frenemies) to turn your personal “spiritual booby prize” into a Lasting Legacy of Triumph.

Mid-Life Mojo, Moxie, and Legendary Living. Mid-Life COURAGE is the new Mid-Life Crisis. Discover how embracing mortality can actually accelerate your personal + professional development. ‘Cause when there’s no time to waste, your highest priorities start hollering. Loud.

What I Wish I Knew Then — what I definitely know now, and what you couldn’t even pay me to care about, anymore. A high-inspiration talk on life design, career choices + purpose, for the under-35 crowd. Take it from a fiery crone who’s seen a thing or two (or ten).


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Let’s make a date.

Send a note to jennifer@lifeaftertampons.com with a splash of information about your venue, audience size, booking date — and BIG, juicy intention for the event.

See you at the podium.