The Difference Maker Archetype


Is This Beautiful You?
The Difference Maker Archetype

How do you know if we’re a good match or not? If you find yourself in the words below, you are home, love.  Our next step is for you to go here to book your Soulful Strategy Session.

Getting Vulnerable
You’re not a “newbie,” you’ve been at this a while, just long enough to get really confused about how to make the whole thing work. You know you can do this; you’ve done tons of hard stuff in the past. You’ve raised the kids, raised hell, and raised the success of everyone you’ve ever worked with. It’s your turn. You know that and it feels like the stakes are really high. Your dream is at stake. But more than that the freedom of everyone you’re meant to work with is in the balance as well. And, going out of business is not acceptable. Besides, now that you’ve had a taste of freedom you can’t imagine going back to a “job job.”

Getting Deep
For as long as you can remember, you’ve had a burning desire to make an impact on the world. You just HAVE to make your one life count. Oh, you know that raising kids mattered, but this is something altogether different and equally as important. Simply put, mattering matters to you. You’re not going to apologize for that anymore. You’ve done your own soulful work, you have a regular and devoted spiritual practice and you’re always ready to go deeper. You crave connection and community – and so do your clients.

Getting Free
You spend way too much energy spinning your wheels and second-guessing yourself. One of the challenges you face is that you keep looking for the “prefect way” to show up. You’ve “wasted” a lot of time and energy on a fruitless journey to do it “the right way.” You’re afraid to Let Go and Launch. What if it’s not perfect yet? You believe you can’t afford to make mistakes with your work. This fear keeps you stuck internally as well. For example, you keep switching organizational structure looking for the “perfect” business framework.

Getting Known
You know your stuff. Your challenge is to get enough clients who know you know. You can’t put your finger on the core of the “thing” that holds your whole business together. Even though you’re outstanding you’re not Standing Out from the crowd. Your brand is mushy and squishes out all over the place. You don’t believe in fear-based, scarcity marketing. You’ve found that the Internet is not the best place to go for marketing advice – it’s too confusing and contradictory. You know you have important work to do in this world, but you kinda sorta stink at messaging. Because of this, a whole lot of your wisdom gets lost in translation.

Getting Clients
You thought building a profitable business would be easier than this. You can’t understand why the clients aren’t just beating their way to you. You have a great vision of where you want to go with this thing, you just can’t figure out how to get from A to B. You have a spotty marketing approach because you know what you know but you don’t know about that.

Getting Paid
If you could, you’d work for free. But you can’t and it’s time to stop pretending otherwise. Secretly, you can’t afford your own bleeding heart. You’ve tried the “free” and “drastically reduced” thing and realize that, if you continue to undervalue yourself your business will go under. Simply put, cash is the way to service and you’re tired of being an apologist for prosperity. You want to make money – big, soulful money – and it’s time to stop feeling conflicted about that. You see prosperity as a way to serve more deeply.

Getting Strong
You are so devoted to your work and your clients you forget to be devoted to yourself. Your efforting is outpacing your results. This is not sustainable. You need to streamline your efforts – work smarter, not harder. At the same time, you don’t believe in quick fixes but understand the power of process. The Internet is too noisy for you. You want sound, effective strategies, simply delivered.

You haven’t burned out yet, because you are still on fire for your vision, but you could at any moment. You exist on spiritual fumes, a thin gruel of yesterday’s soulful study. This won’t do — you know that you need to do your own work in order to produce your best work.

Getting Real
You sometimes suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Others look up to you but there is a core part of you that wonders why. You look successful. You just don’t feel it. Besides, “if they only knew about . . . .” You long to live and work in a state of ease, flow, and grace. You don’t like all the pushing but you don’t know how to stop.

Although you’ve been in business for a while, what you have to show for it doesn’t seem to balance with what you have put into this thing. You don’t understand why others with less talent are moving ahead and you kinda sorta throw up a little bit in your mouth when you admit that. Something holds you back. Secretly, you suspect it’s Beautiful You. And your joy is hemorrhaging out.

ENOUGH! If you coulda figured it out by yourself you woulda by now.

What’s Next? Let’s spend a few minutes jamming on your Big Dream and decide if we want to work together. (If you’ve been nodding your head to most of the above, I already KNOW I want to work with you. Cause you’re in my Sweet Spot. And I KNOW I can help.

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