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How many more years are you gonna let go by before you




If your answer is “not one more second” then here’s what I suggest:



The 75-Minute Hot Flash Quick Start

If you’re ready to stop dreaming and start doing, the Hot Flash Quick Start is THE BEST way to get started.


Here’s why it’s easy to fail on your own:


  • MidLife is crazy-making.  Our roles and responsibilities are often at cross-purposes. Giving to one thing means taking from something equally important.
  • We might be plum tuckered out from opening our Spiritual and Emotional Arteries in service of others.  You might feel just too darn exhausted to even begin.  That’s depressing.  But totally solvable.
  • If you’re going to make your Big Dream happen now, you’re going to have to make a BOLD MOVE.  Don’t worry, you CAN weave it around all the other flotsam and jetsam you have going on.


I know how to get you on track (BECAUSE I’ve LIVED IT and STUDIED it and am DOING it MYSELF!)  You’ll Thank Me for Kicking Your Ass!
You’ll want to eat your Wheaties before we talk.


We’re going to zip past Your Story and get to what matters – your willingness.

(We don’t care about Your Story, by the way.  We care about YOUR LEGACY.)


Your Hot Flash Quick Start Includes:

1.  A deep dive digger upper prep plan to uncover, recover, and discover the LIFE ARTIFACTS that are POINTERS to CLARITY.  Remember, our goal is to IMPLEMENT the answer to this question:


What would you do if you KNEW you COULD NOT FAIL?

2.  On Game Day — 75 minutes of just the two of us.  We’re gonna laugh (because I’m Fun!).  We might cry (because we’re grateful to be on track AT LAST).  Most of all, you’re gonna get FULL THROTTLE sassy WISDOM and TRUTH TELLING.  You’ll come away with a clear and ACHIEVABLE itinerary for your Second Journey.


3.  TWO FULL WEEKS of email follow-up.  Our conversation is going to really stir things up for you — and you’re going to want to check in for strategies and such.  Everything you do from this point forward demonstrates your commitment to yourself, and I want to be with you to see you through.

So, for two weeks after our Kick Ass Starter Session, I’m all yours for Monday – Friday email updates, follow-up strategies, problem solvers, etc.


 The Devil’s in the Details!:

• How: Virtual meeting via Skype/Phone, your call.

• How Much: $395 US


• Once we receive your payment via PayPal, we’ll shoot you all you need to get ready to fly. We schedule these sessions on Fridays, so you have the whole weekend to get started on your Next Steps.


The Yin and Yang of Cancellation:

Here’s the deal — I’m a person.  I can only take a few clients at a time.

BUT — Once you send your deposit, there “ain’t no mountain high enough” to keep me away from working with you. That means that, in order to say “yes” to you, I’m saying “not yet” to someone else. Therefore, session fees are non-refundable. In case you’re wondering if you’re “worth it,” YOU ARE.  In fact, YOU HAVE BEEN for a couple of decades.


It’s not too late to Live Your Dream. 

But some day, IT WILL BE.


If, for some reason, your schedule changes, if I receive 48-hours notice, I will reschedule your session within the next week.


Ready to Believe in Yourself?

Hold Your Spot HERE.  Let’s get this party started!